Don't build chat yourself, use our SDKs instead

Quickly build a reliable & full featured chat experience into any mobile or web app. Our chat SDKs and API are made specifically to help you ship faster and to be completely flexible.

Basically, it
works like this

You'll build quicker & ship confidently

Our idiomatic SDKs are designed to help you build quickly. Available for iOS, Android, & Web, they all work together, making cross-platform a breeze. With documentation that's best in class, in-depth tutorials, and demo apps for every platform, you'll swiftly figure out exactly how they work.

Need more help? There's also comprehensive example code freely available on GitHub. With our generous free plan, you can prototype and build it, before you start paying for it.

Go to market quicker

No DevOps required

Open-source examples

Tutorials for everything

Endlessly extensible

We know innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum & your project might need other services as well. That's why we're continuously building extensions that help you connect to these services, like push notifications or end-to-end encryption, even faster. And of course you can always build your own extensions using hooks.

Great features

1-1 & group chat

Voice &
 video calling

Rich media attatchments

Typing indicators


Read indicators

Online indicators

Message history

Connect with your own authentication

Search message history

Edit & delete messages

Extensions for everything

Right out
of the box

Unread message count

Security controls


Readily enable Giphy

Supports emojis

Threads keep the discussion organized

Search your messages & conversations

Highly available infrastructure



Run slash commands

Private chats

Public chats

Spam protection


User invites

Mute users

Ban users

Message metadata

Security compliance

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Constantly improving

We scale right along with you. Want to start out with just text chat first, but add voice and video later? No problem. Or maybe start out with a simple web application but have ambitions to build mobile apps next quarter? Our cross-platform SDKs make it all possible. And our team is constantly building clever, new extensions and features so you'll always have a cutting-edge chat.


Idiomatic SDKs for your favourite languages

Choose from an array of carefully-designed and tested SDKs to get started.

Explore SDKs

Perfect for
every kind of chat.

Social community

Allow like-minded people in your online community and keep the engagement on your platform instead of relying to use external solutions.


Deliver convenience and boost transactions by enabling communications between the buyers and sellers in your marketplace.


Apps like Tinder & Grinder have huge retention, which you can achieve as well. Also, you can be more like Hinge & design your app to get deleted.

On Demand

Delight your users by letting them get in touch with drivers, couriers, handymen, and other service providers all within your app.


Connect mentors with mentees, teachers with their class, or even teachers with teachers. CometChat Go has white boarding.

Live Stream

Slow mode, reactions, auto-moderation — CometChat can handle thousands of users without losing quality & less resources.

Start building chat, the quick way