Javascript Chat SDK

Add text chat and voice & video calling to your Javascript website in minutes.

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The Most Robust Features on the Market

CometChat comes fully loaded with all the advanced in-app messaging features your users now expect in quality chat solution — and more!

1-to-1 & Group Text Chat

Users can send messages 1-to-1 or in groups in public, private or password protected conversations.

Typing & Read Indicators

Signals when users are actively typing or when sent messages are read.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

User authentication that permits a user to use one single set of login credentials.

Voice & Video Calling

Users can make WhatsApp-style 1-to-1 or group voice and video calls.

Online Presence Indicators

Signifies the online presence or status of a user in the chat.

Webhooks & Bots

Send notifications to your application any time set events happen, and automated bot software set to complete tasks as assigned.

Rich Media Attachments

Support for rich media preview panels for all the popular sites.

Message History

Ability to view older messages in the chat.

Custom Messages

Allows developers to send custom data across users and groups.

With All the Extensions You’ll Ever Need

We know innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum & your project might need other services as well. That's why we're continuously building extensions that help you connect to these services, like push notifications or end-to-end encryption, even faster. And of course you can always build your own extensions using hooks.

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How It Works

Install SDKs

Our idiomatic SDKs are available for Android, iOS, and JavaScript. And they all work together, so cross-platform is easily set up.

Connect Securely

A single line of code sets up a secure connection to our service using the same underlying protocol as WhatsApp.

Build the Experience

Use your UI elements with our SDKs and build the features & extensions you need to create the complete experience.

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