Real-time chat plugin for your marketplace platform

CometChat offers a common platform for the buyers & sellers to connect with each other in real time without having to share their personal details.

Providing a direct contact between your users can save upto 87% of your customer support time and efforts, and increase the user engagement and retention at the same time.

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How in-app messaging helps marketplace websites & apps

Connect Buyer & Seller

Enable real time voice, video & text chat and help buyer & seller directly connect with each other.

Establish Trust

With in-app chat, buyer is more informed about the product and hence, he is likely to trust the seller more.

Faster Transactions

Real time chat improves user experience & expedites decision making, resulting ultimately in quicker transactions.

Direct Chat

Buyers and sellers communicate in real time clarifying their doubts & questions.

Audio & Video Chat

Voice & video calls for better transaction assistance

Share Files

Sellers can send images & videos of the product, documents and much more.

Push Notifications

Users get notified every time someone sends them a message.

Offline Messaging

Users will get the messages even when they are offline.

Typing Indicators

Typing signals from users to keep the conversation responsive & active.

User Privacy

Buyers and sellers don’t have to share their phone numbers and emails to get in touch with each other, ensuring privacy. The non-intrusive will lead to a better user experience.

Contextual Conversations

Personalised recommendations and connections delights the users in finding the exact thing they’re looking for. This in turns, increase the chances of conversions here.

Chat Monetization

CometChat’s in-built monetization tools help to bring in additional revenue by creating different tiers of users, paid and free and then restricting certain features for free users.

Monetize your marketplace user base

Role Based Access Control

Restrict and grant access of features, provide more functionality to your premium members than your free members.

Credit Deduction

Monetize your website and apps by deducting credits from user’s account when they use special features like audio calling & conference, voice & video calling and conference.

Custom Advertisement

Generate additional revenue on your website and apps by adding custom advertisements to the chat windows whenever you like.

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