Build Trust, Reduce Friction, & Drive More Transactions

No marketplace can risk buyers & sellers taking conversations to third-party messaging apps. With CometChat's familiar, feature-rich in-app messaging & calling, your users can communicate with little friction, helping you to drive sales volume & revenue.

Why Great Companies Choose CometChat:

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Provide Better Safety & Service

Keeping buyer-seller conversations within your marketplace helps you to protect sensitive user data (banking information, phone numbers, and more) through data masking and resolve disagreements when they occur. Our in-app messaging solution helps you do it.

Increase Transaction Volume

By reducing the friction needed to communicate, you help buyers and sellers build trust, agree on terms, and complete transactions more often. Our chat expertise and customizable UX helps marketplaces big and small drive revenue.

Help Sellers Manage Their Business

Your sellers need a single platform from which to manage their business. CometChat’s customization helps you integrate chat easily into existing business processes, reduces time to completed transactions, and gives sellers — and their buyers — a seamless experience.

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