Online Marketplaces

No more third party messaging for buyer-seller communication

Keeping buyer seller interactions within your marketplace helps you to protect sensitive user information, resolve disagreements when they occur and streamline purchases.

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Real-Time Messaging

Enable instant communication between buyers and sellers, fostering trust and boosting transaction rates.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scale effortlessly to meet the demands of your expanding user base. A robust infrastructure that can support 1 Million+ concurrency.

Protect sensitive information

Data mask sensitive information such as phone numbers, and banking data.

Keep conversations positive

Leverage profanity filters and image moderation to keep conversations clean.

Your chat, your rules

Tailor the chat experience to match your brand's identity and unique requirements.

Flexible deployment

Regional deployment model ensures a low-latency experience for your users.

Real-time Communication

Making the buyer-seller interaction uncomplicated

By reducing the friction to communicate, you help buyers and sellers build trust, agree on terms, and complete transactions more often.

  • Push, SMS, and email notifications

  • Familiar, customizable UX

Increase sales conversions

Integrate chat into your business logic

CometChat’s Webhooks provide unique insight into events that occur on your platform.

  • Nudge customers to complete transactions via our presence webhook

  • Recommend products by connecting back-end systems

Features and integrations that make for great interactions

1 to 1 chat

Group chat

Voice & video calling

Secure file transfer

Chat search & history

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