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Strengthen community bonds with seamless communication

Harness the power of real-time chat to create memorable community moments and shared experiences.

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Key features

Why CometChat for social apps

Group chats

Foster meaningful conversations with topic-based chat rooms.

Secure conversations

Ensure user data is safe and compliant with global standards.

Scalable for growing communities

Easily accommodate an increasing number of members without compromising on performance.

Moderation tools

Manage community interactions with advanced moderation features.

Streamline community discussions

Effortlessly manage members, groups, & channels

Organize your community with categorized groups and channels. Simplify member management and facilitate easy discovery of friends and topics of interest.

Multimedia sharing

Enrich community conversations with multimedia

Let your users share images, videos, memes, and other multimedia content within group and personal conversations.

Interactive Demo

Experience messaging built on CometChat

Give our sample messaging app a spin. This interactive demo app is built with our latest UI Kits for you to experience all the UI elements and functionalities of CometChat.

Our platform

Everything you need to craft a vibrant community, baked into one powerful solution.

Messaging & chat

Flexible, secure, and easy-to-manage messaging for your social and community app.

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Voice & video calling

Enterprise-grade security, robust infrastructure, and a familiar UI as your chat.

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Facilitate discussions and build a thriving online community

With features and extensions you need to create a safe and secure experience your users will love.

1 to 1 chat

Group chat

Voice & video calling

Secure file transfer

Chat search & history


Disrupting the Real Estate Game with Seamless Communication: Nobroker’s Success Story

NoBroker, a proptech leader in India, revolutionized real estate by implementing CometChat's chat functionalities. This case study explores how seamless communication across the tenant-owner journey led to a 25% transaction increase and a more user-centric experience.

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Try out CometChat in action

Experience CometChat's messaging with this interactive demo built with CometChat's UI kits and SDKs.