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Version: v4


CometChat's UI Kit for Vue, you can easily built an chat app with all the essential messaging feature along with the customisations and so on as per your application needs. This UI Kit is a set of prebuilt UI components divided into smaller modules and components and each and every component is configurable to suit your need.

What's New

UI Kits give you more control over customising UI kits to match your specific needs. It also has a lot additional upgrades such as -



You can start building a modern messaging experience in your app by installing UI Kit. This developer kit is an add-on feature to CometChatPro Angular SDK so installing it will also install the core Chat SDK.

To start the integration process, please navigate here

UI Components

If you've already integrated UI Kit, then you can proceed with the UI components.

The UI Kit is a set of prebuilt UI components that allows you to easily build beautiful in-app chat with all the essential messaging features.

To learn more about UI Components, please visit here.

Sample App

You can try out our sample app and experience the newly built Vue UI Kit by following this link.