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What is CometChat?

CometChat is a comprehensive communications platform that empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate real-time chat, voice and video calling functionalities. These integrations can be done picking up the implementation methods that align best with your goals.

Our Messaging & chat features offer flexible, secure, feature-rich and easy-to-manage integrations for your web and mobile apps. With Voice & video calling features, you get enterprise-grade security, robust infrastructure and a familiar UI from the same vendor as your chat solution.

Solutions for every industry

CometChat's solutions cater to every industry with a global and scalable infrastructure, multi-region capabilities, multi-tenancy, and round-the-clock support. Our comprehensive documentation, competitive pricing, and flexible implementation options ensure that our platform is equipped for enterprise-grade requirements while remaining accessible for startups.

This dual readiness positions CometChat as both Enterprise-ready and Startup-friendly.

Our customer base spans a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Online marketplaces
  • Healthcare
  • Dating
  • Events & streaming
  • Online education
  • Community & Social
  • Sports & Gaming
  • Team Comms & Workflows
  • SaaS Businesses

Integrate in minutes

With a few lines of code, you can have CometChat integrated into any app written in React, iOS, Android, Flutter and 12+ other languages.

Future proof your chat roadmap by implementing chat quickly and efficiently with minimal risk. Our UI kits, APIs empower you to focus on growing your business while we handle the technical aspects.

Partner with subject matter experts and master the art of real-time engagement with CometChat. Our expertise in messaging, chat, and calling empowers you to offer the best in-app chat experience.

Complete customizability & extensions empowers you to personalize user experience, leverage data from other systems, connect chat to your core business logic with webhooks, extensions & integrations.

Build with tools of your choice

No-code widget

Simply copy and paste a few lines of code to add text, voice, and video to your web app in minutes.

Low-code UI Kits

Reduce your time to market and give your users the modern chat experience they expect with UI kits.


Fully customizable and easy to use? Yes, it's possible, with our SDKs and APIs for in-app messaging and voice & video calling.


Choosing CometChat is your assurance of a meticulously vetted and highly secure solution. We deeply appreciate and obsess over the significance of both security and compliance.

CometChat is fully compliant with the following security standards:

  • HIPAA + BAA: CometChat is compliant with HIPAA rules and standards and can enter into a BAA.
  • PIPEDA: CometChat is compliant with PIPEDA and follows the Fair Information Principles.
  • GDPR: CometChat meets all requirements of GDPR and provides special APIs to enable customers to maintain compliance.
  • ISO 27001: CometChat is certified compliant with the ISO 27001 standards.
  • SOC 2 Type 2: CometChat is certified compliant with SOC 2’s five Trust Service Principles of security, availability, privacy, confidentiality, and processing integrity.


Messaging & chat

Core messagingAdvanced messagingEngagement
One-on-one private chatThreaded conversationsMentions
Group text messagingMessage repliesStickers & GIFs
Share files & multimediaMessage translationCollaborative whiteboard
Typing indicatorsSmart RepliesCollaborative document
Users & friends listChat historyPolls
Users & friends presenceCustom messagesMentions count
Read receiptsPin messageUser profile avatars
Delivery receiptsSave messageReminders
Audio messagesRich media previewReactions
Unread message countURL shortenersPush notifications
Users searchThumbnail generationEmail notifications & replies
Messages searchMessage shortcutsSMS notifications
Voice transcriptionEmail replies
Broadcast message
ModerationAdministration & SecurityIntegrations & webhooks
In-flight message moderationAnalyticsAnalytics & usage API
Image moderationDashboard team managementRest APIs
Profanity filterCustom metadataBefore message webhook
Data maskingCross-platform syncAfter message webhook
XSS FilterUser & group managementIntercom
User-to-user blockingEncryptionSendGrid
Moderation dashboardMulti-device supportChatwoot
Human moderatorsHistorical data import APIVirgil security
Report userLive data migrationApp management API
Kick/ban usersData exportApp creation API
Report messageISO 27001Presence webhook
Virus & malware scannerSOC 2Read receipt
Sentiment analysisGDPR APIDelivery receipt
Encryption in transit (TLS/SSL)
Encryption at rest (AES 256)
Role-based access control
Disappearing messages
End-to-end encryption
End-user API endpoint restriction

Voice & video calling

Calling essentialsAdvanced calling featuresAdministration
1-to-1 callingVideo broadcastingAnalytics & usage API
Group callingCall recordingRest APIs
Multi-device supportInteractive whiteboardDashboard analytics
Conference callsInteractive documentCall logs
Personal meeting roomsPicture-in-pictureCustomizable call screens
Mobile callingScreen sharingSRTP encryption
Push notificationsIn-call messagingPushkit & callkit support
Grid tile & spotlight layoutsApp management API

CometChat AI

Insights AIConversational AIModeration AI
AI Funnel InsightsConversation Starter & Smart RepliesContent Moderation
AI User InsightsConversation SummariesAI Image Moderation
AI Entity InsightsAI Personality BotsMute Suggestions

Moving forward

Next, have a look at the Implementation checklist to quickly integrate chat functionality into your app and prepare for a successful launch.