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Implementation checklist

1. Complete the Signup Process


2. Integrate the chosen UI Kit or SDK into your application


3. Synchronize users and groups utilizing the APIs

  • This step involves the backend side of implementation.
  • When a new user signs up in your system, create the corresponding user's entry with CometChat using APIs.
  • Whenever a user's details are updated in your system, synchronize them with CometChat.
  • Create users API
  • Update users API

4. Enable necessary extensions


5. Implement Push notifications

  • Drive user engagement in your applications through the integration of Push Notifications.

6. Integrate CometChat AI


  • Ignite natural and organic converstaions between your users.
  • CometChat AI

7. Set up bots and webhooks


  • Bots are unique users capable of autonomously sending and receiving messages. You can define a bot's behaviour by implementing and exposing your business logic using Callback URLs.
  • Webhooks faciliate real-time event-driven communication with your system, enabling you to receive HTTP POST requests from CometChat that carry details about different events.

8. Secure user logins with authentication tokens

  • Ensuring safe and secure authentication of users in CometChat is crucial. Achieve this by utilizing auth tokens.
  • Generate and retrieve the auth token through your backend system, then supply it to the frontend.

9. Set up data import and migration

  • To seamlessly transition from your existing chat solution to CometChat's comprehensive solution, you will need to import your existing data as well as migrate the live data to CometChat.

10. Launch your applications with the new messaging capabilities

  • Delete default/test users and groups.
  • Select a correct billing plan.
  • Go live with your apps powered by CometChat.
  • CometChat Dashboard.