Deepen romantic connections with seamless chat features

Create genuine, lasting connections with intuitive chat tools that spark meaningful conversations.

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Key features

Why CometChat for dating apps

Voice & video call

High-quality voice or video calls that offer a richer way to connect and nurture relationships.

Enhance match recommendations

Integrate chat with algorithms to suggest potential matches.

Secure data sharing

Let your users to safely share images, locations, and other data within the app.

Scalable infrastructure

Ensure smooth interactions even with a rapidly growing user base.

Safety first

Safe conversations foster genuine connections

User safety features like anonymous calling, encryption, block user function, give your users a chance to get to know each other before meeting.

Better engagement

Enhanced interactions for unforgettable dating experiences

Features like emojis, stickers, GIFs, and multimedia sharing make conversations enjoyable and engaging for daters.

Interactive Demo

Experience messaging built on CometChat

Give our sample messaging app a spin. This interactive demo app is built with our latest UI Kits for you to experience all the UI elements and functionalities of CometChat.

Our platform

Everything you need to build a dating chat system, baked into one powerful platform

Messaging & chat

Flexible, secure, and easy-to-manage messaging for your dating app.

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Voice & video calling

Enterprise-grade security, robust infrastructure, and a familiar UI as your chat.

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Spark meaningful connections in every chat

With features and extensions you need to create a safe and secure experience your users will love.

1 to 1 chat

Group chat

Voice & video calling

Secure file transfer

Chat search & history


Revolutionizing Matchmaking:'s leap with CometChat

CometChat empowered, elevating user engagement, enhancing match success, and ensuring seamless scalability, solidifying their leadership in the matchmaking industry

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Try out CometChat in action

Experience CometChat's messaging with this interactive demo built with CometChat's UI kits and SDKs.