Protect your brand and create a safe environment

Automatically remove harmful content with CometChat's inbuilt moderation features. Mask confidential data, introduce profanity filters and eliminate spam.

The benefits

Roll out a 100% safe conversation environment

Reduce harassment and abuse

Automatically detect spam, toxicity, profanity, threats and other harmful content using AI.

Moderation tools

With moderation dashboard, take complete control of your chat environment and ensure moderation compliance.

Protect users, improve trust

Demonstrate a commitment to a safe and respectful community and improve brand reputation and trust.

Our platform

Moderation features

Message moderation

AI powered moderation

Ensure your conversations stay moderated and spam-free with our powerful AI moderation features. Seamlessly filter out unwanted content and maintain a positive and safe environment for all users.

  • Hate speech detection

  • Image moderation

  • Profanity filter

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Mute suggestions

Data Masking

Hide hide phone numbers, email address and other sensitive information in messages. You can also customise content that should be masked

Human powered moderation

You can manually review content and take action when necessary. Solve all your problems using our:

  • Moderation dashboard

  • Report message

  • Front-end moderation

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