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Here is our exhaustive list of all features ranging from 1:1 chat to AI powered moderation.

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One-on-one private chat

One-to-one messaging for users to communicate privately with other individuals in your app.

Group text messaging

Many-to-many messaging for users to communicate with thousands of users in a private or public group chat.

Share files & multimedia

Allow users to send and recieve documents and files in all valid file formats.

Typing indicators

Show an indication to users when another user is typing a message in private or group chat to create continuous conversation.

Users & friends list

Create a list of all users or filtered to a specific users' friends in your app for your users to view and start conversations.

Users & friends presence

Create a list of users or friends that are currently online in your app for your users to view and drive real-time engagement.

Read receipts

Keep users informed about when their messages are being read by the recepeint.

Delivery receipts

Let users know when their messages are being delivered to the recepeint.

Audio messages

Let users record and send audio messages directly in your app via chat.

Unread message count

Keep users notified of the number of messages they haven't read to keep users coming back.

Users search

Make it easy for users to find who they want to communicate with with user search capability

Messages search

Make it easy for users to find messages they sent or received in chat with with message search capability

Interactive Demo

Experience messaging built on CometChat

Give our sample messaging app a spin. This interactive demo app is built with our latest UI Kits for you to experience all the UI elements and functionalities of CometChat.

Try out CometChat in action

Experience CometChat's messaging with this interactive demo built with CometChat's UI kits and SDKs.