All Features

All Features

Keep your users engaged to your website with hundreds of features that CometChat offers. CometChat makes sure that it provides more than just communication. With fun as well as utility features, your website completes itself and is set to reach new heights. Read on to find more in depth details about all our features.


Instant notifications

User online/offline: CometChat will notify your users when their friends (or other online users) are online and available to chat.

Unlimited chat conversations

CometChat will automatically show scroll buttons if you have more chat conversations than that can be accommodated by the browser window. So your users can chat with one, five or even twenty users simultaneously.

Auto-linking and word censoring

CometChat will automatically convert smileys into images, hyperlink any links and censor words specified by you in each and every chat conversation. CometChat will magically fetch thumbnails for any YouTube links your users send.

Intuitive chat design

The Contact’s list will automatically display users’ friends (or other online users) and with automatic user login, a single click enables them to start chatting with them in real-time.

Desktop Notification

Now use desktop notifications to notify users that something important has happened. Notifications will appear outside the browser window. (Only available on Chrome)

Extendable using plugins

With a host of pre-loaded plugins, users can send handwritten messages, write in their native language and a lot more.

Stickers and Emojis

Express yourself with gorgeous stickers and a vast array of unique and eclectic emojis. Add your own smileys and make it even more interesting. LEARN MORE →

Guest Chat

Now let your guest users feel welcome by letting them change their names

Quick search for user lists

CometChat automatically displays the users’ avatar in the “Who’s Online” list while chatting.

Mobile User Notification

With the Mobile icon appearing for Mobile users in the Who’s Online list, your users can get to know the device status of their online friends.

Load Earlier Messages

Users can view their previous chat messages in their chatbox by simply clicking on the “Load Earlier Messages” bar.


Keep your chat responsive & clutter free, users can now see a small pencil icon when someone is typing a response on chat.

Last Seen

Now users can keep track of when their friends were last active on a chat window, down to the minute with the Last Seen feature.

Sent, Delivered, Read Receipt

Never again be unsure about the whereabouts of your messages. Track your chat messages easily with the Sent, Delivered & Read status markers.

Seamless Integration

User Profiles

CometChat allows users to quickly visit profiles by clicking on the user’s name while chatting.

Automatic Login

Your users are logged into CometChat the instant they login to your site. No separate confusing logins.

Friends list synchronization

Auto synchronization of friends list ensure that your users always view their current friends list. If your site/software does not support friends system, then all online users can be displayed in the “Contact’s” list.

Custom site integration

If your site uses custom code or a ready integration is not yet available, then all you need to do is modify a single configuration file as per your site structure. No modifications are required to be made to your site code.

Ready Integrations

CometChat installation takes only few minutes and requires no programming knowledge. Bundled with ready integrations, CometChat blends with some of the most popular softwares effortlessly.

User Avatars

CometChat automatically displays the users’ avatar in the “Contact’s” list while chatting.


Video Conference

The simplest way to connect face-to-face! Leverages peer-to-peer technology to achieve high quality video conversations. No server bandwidth used and works on shared servers. LEARN MORE →


Users can share thoughts by drawing on a collaborative whiteboard. LEARN MORE →


Need your users to work on documents? Users can collaborate together with the help of the writeboard plugin. LEARN MORE →

Send a file

Allow your users to send files to each other using the file transfer facility. It’s simple, easy and quick. LEARN MORE →

Color your text

Your users can use different colors while chatting in chatrooms to easily distinguish themselves.

Broadcast Video

Broadcast your audio/video to users directly from CometChat! LEARN MORE →

Handwrite a message

Why let your users type boring text messages when they can use their mouse as a paintbrush? Users can draw their thoughts using this plugin.

Block User

Enable your users to block other users directly from CometChat.

Clear Conversation

Someone looking? Users have the option to clear their chat history with the click of a button. LEARN MORE →

Save Conversation

Need to keep local records of a chat conversation? Your users can now download entire chat conversations as text files. LEARN MORE →

Chat History

Users can view chronological logs of their chat history with other users. LEARN MORE →

Report Conversation

Enable your users to report inappropriate conversations directly to the administrator. LEARN MORE →


The easiest way for your users to share their screen. Need to show a presentation or a demo? Easily share your screen or a particular window with another user. LEARN MORE →


Users can now type in English and convert the text to their native language. Over 20 languages to choose from. LEARN MORE →

Audio Chat

Audio Call plugin enables the users to have an audio call seamlessly. LEARN MORE →


Create a buzz and gather users into a single place using chatrooms. Create permanent, password protected and invitation only chatrooms.

Share this page

Enable your visitors to share, save and distribute your content through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Digg, StumbleUpon and many more.

Change Theme

Apply different themes and change the look and feel of CometChat. Enable your users to take control of the way your site looks.


Your users can translate live chats so that they can interact with users from all over the globe without a glitch. LEARN MORE →

Single Player Games

Engage your users for hours in single player games! Over 100+ games to choose from. LEARN MORE →


Send announcements to your users in real-time. Pushing advertisements, promotions or site news could have never been simpler. LEARN MORE →

Available in 9 languages

CometChat is available in 9 languages. You can also create your language or upload a language to add new languages.

Facebook fan page

Launch your Facebook fan page straight from the CometChat bar and watch your fanbase grow. LEARN MORE →

Conversation Translation

Are your users chatting in different languages? Users can translate all incoming conversations into their native language using the real-time translate plugin.


Display latest tweets from your Twitter account and increase the number of followers. LEARN MORE →

Scroll to Top

Have lengthy pages on your site? CometChat’s smooth scroll to top option will enable your users to quickly go to the top of the page.

Broadcast Message

The Broadcast Message Module lets you send text message to all or selected users just at a push of button. LEARN MORE →


CSS Based

CometChat is 100% CSS based so you can easily modify the look and feel of the bar by simply editing CSS codes from administration panel.

100s of settings

Customize each and every aspect of the bar from colors to langauage. CometChat administration panel enables you to tweak hundreds of different aspects of the bar.

Drag and drop

Plugins and modules can be added, removed and re-positioned directly from the panel. No more complicated PHP code modification required.

Right to left support

Mix and match in the Theme editor of the administration panel and customize the look of CometChat to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your website.

Statistics, Monitor & Logs

The administration panel enables you to view statistics of users using your CometChat. You can spy on conversations taking place on your site in real-time as well as view chat logs.

UTF-8 Internationalization

Add your own language in minutes. Edit a few language files and you are good to go.

Credit Deduction Feature

Deduct credits from user accounts when they use various CometChat features. LEARN MORE →

Role Based Access Control

Restrict and Grant access to CometChat’s features, provide more functionality to your Premium Members compared to your Free Members. LEARN MORE →

CometChat SDK

CometChat SDK includes complete source code for UI. Build on top of the SDK and expand on CometChat’s functionality. LEARN MORE →


CometChat HTML5 Mobile Web App

Enable your users to chat from their mobile devices using our beautifully handcrafted webapps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry phones.


Purchase the White-labelled edition of CometChat’s native App to put your name on it. Re-branding the App to your website’s name will give your users the ultimate personalized experience. LEARN MORE →

CometChat iPhone/Android App

Access CometChat using our mobile apps on the Apple/Google store. Or contact us if you want your own white-labelled store app. LEARN MORE →


Add custom advertisements to chat boxes and earn money when your users chat. LEARN MORE →

Push Notification

Now get message notifications even when CometChat is not running on your iOS & Android mobile.

Web 2.0

Cross-browser compatibility

CometChat works in all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9.5+ and Chrome.

Works on shared hosting

CometChat does not require any special hard-to-maintain dedicated servers. Does your site run on a shared host? No problem. CometChat has a small footprint and is as efficient as any self-hosted solution can be.

Ease of installation

Installation is so simple that it will take you only a few minutes to get CometChat up and running. Face virtually zero down-time during installation.

Highly scalable

Need to support thousands of users? Add CometService add-on to your CometChat software and move your server load from your server.


Now use various database caching mechanisms to save time and resources.