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Collaborative Success: Programmatis and CometChat Empowering Clients Together

Kyle emphasized the satisfaction of their clients, noting, "Both our customers are very pleased. And we're so happy, too." The success of these projects has paved the way for future collaborations, with Programmatis already considering CometChat for upcoming ventures.

Team CometChat


About Programmatis

Programmatis is a forward-thinking web consulting agency dedicated to helping businesses navigate the evolving technological landscape. Comprising a team of full-stack engineers, they specialize in a range of areas from SQL Engineering to JavaScript and SEO ranking. Their services span consultation, design, and custom software development. Notably, they've crafted a progressive web app for Indigo Life, a hub for life coaches and industry experts. As part of the CometChat Partner Program, Programmatis benefits from revenue sharing, exclusive developer access to the CometChat platform, and premium tech support.


Navigating PWA-Chat Integration Challenges: Programmatis's Quest for Excellence

In their pursuit of excellence, Programmatis took on projects that demanded the integration of chat, voice, and video features into progressive web apps. But the challenge was twofold:

  1. 01.

    The need for PWA-compatible chat integration

    The engineering team at Programmatis realized that building chat and calling functionalities in-house would be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. They needed a third-party chat solution that would seamlessly integrate with progressive web apps. However, most chat integrations in the market, including Twilio and Sendbird, lacked support for PWA development.

  2. 02.

    Finding a reliable partner

     Beyond just technical requirements, Programmatis sought a partner that offered competitive pricing, robust technical support, and a revenue-share model. The right partner would not only provide the necessary technical solutions but also align with Programmatis's business objectives and growth plans.


Budget-Friendly Development with CometChat's Competitive Pricing

In their quest to find the perfect chat solution for progressive web apps, Programmatis stumbled upon CometChat. The discovery was a game-changer for the agency, offering a solution that addressed both their technical and business needs.

  1. 01.

    PWA-ready chat integration

    CometChat's platform stood out for its compatibility with progressive web apps. This meant that Programmatis could seamlessly integrate chat, voice, and video functionalities into their projects without the hassles of building from scratch. The ease of integration was evident in their work for Engayge and IndigoLife, where they successfully embedded real-time communication features.

  2. 02.

    Comprehensive feature set

     Beyond just basic chat, CometChat offered a suite of features that enriched the user experience. From one-on-one private chats to group discussions, video calls, and more, the platform provided everything Programmatis needed to enhance their apps' communication capabilities.

  3. 03.

    Joining the CometChat partner program

    Recognizing the mutual benefits of collaboration, Programmatis joined the CometChat Partner Program. This decision opened doors to a revenue-sharing model, granting them exclusive developer access to the CometChat platform. Additionally, they benefited from premium technical support, ensuring smooth integration and ongoing maintenance.

  4. 04.

    Cost-effective and scalable

    CometChat's competitive pricing model meant that Programmatis could offer their clients a top-tier chat solution without breaking the bank. Moreover, the platform's scalability ensured that as their projects grew in user base, the chat functionalities would handle the increased load with ease.

“The main reason we picked CometChat was that it supports Progressive Web Apps. That was our main criteria. I was also really encouraged by their tech support. Anytime we had a question before we started development, I was chatting with the engineering team.”

Kyle Kuckleman

Business Head, Programmatis


Engayge Community Building: The Role of Chat in Fostering Engagement

The integration of CometChat into Programmatis's projects, notably IndigoLife and Engayge, yielded significant outcomes. Chat became an integral component of the user experience, driving engagement and retention. For IndigoLife, the rapid growth of its user base can be attributed to the central role CometChat plays in its ecosystem. As Kyle Kuckleman, Business Head of Programmatis, stated, "They don't have a web app if CometChat didn't exist." While for Engayge, chat might be an added feature, it has been instrumental in fostering community building.

Kyle further emphasized the satisfaction of their clients, noting, "Both our customers are very pleased. And we're so happy, too." The success of these projects has paved the way for future collaborations, with Programmatis already considering CometChat for upcoming ventures. The positive results and client feedback underscore the transformative impact of the right chat solution on user engagement and overall platform success.

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