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Unlocking Non-Desk Employee Engagement: Actimo's CometChat Odyssey

"CometChat not only provided a secure and centralized messaging solution but also transformed how our teams connect and collaborate." - Ingrid Pauchon, Product Manager

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About Actimo

Actimo has been a trailblazer since 2012, dedicated to enhancing communication for mobile-first employees. With a global footprint, Actimo's platform is trusted by enterprises to revolutionize the way they communicate, train, and lead their workforce. In 2020, their journey took a significant leap forward with the acquisition by Kahoot!, the world's leading game-based learning platform. Together, they share a vision to redefine corporate learning and engagement, ensuring every employee, irrespective of their role, is connected and informed.


Navigating Hurdles in Non-Desk Employee Communication

In the realm of workplace communication, the company stood out with its commitment to catering to non-desk employees. However, this unique focus brought with it a set of distinct challenges:

  1. 01.

    Lack of integrated messaging

    At the heart of their challenges was the absence of an integrated instant messaging feature within their platform. This glaring omission meant that employees, in their quest for efficient communication, turned to external tools like WhatsApp and traditional text messaging. While these tools offered immediacy, they introduced significant security risks. Moreover, the reliance on multiple external platforms fragmented the communication process, making it increasingly challenging to maintain a centralized, organized, and secure flow of information.

  2. 02.

    Limited engagement features

    The company's platform lacked key engagement features. The absence of interactive elements like reactions, threaded replies, and customizable group avatars meant that the platform struggled to captivate its users, leading to limited adoption and reduced participation.

  3. 03.

    Admin rights & group ownership challenges

    Catering to non-desk employees came with its own set of administrative challenges. With high turnover rates characteristic of such roles, managing admin permissions became a logistical nightmare. Ensuring the continuity and integrity of communication groups, especially when group owners left, was a persistent issue.

These multifaceted challenges underscored a pressing need: a comprehensive solution that could seamlessly integrate messaging, enhance user engagement, and address the unique administrative challenges posed by a non-desk workforce.


Empowering Non-Desk Employee Communication

Recognizing the pressing need to overhaul their communication strategy, the company turned to a trusted name in the industry: CometChat. With its rich array of features and proven track record, CometChat emerged as the ideal solution to the company's multifaceted challenges.

  1. 01.

    Seamless integration of messaging

    By incorporating CometChat's state-of-the-art instant messaging capabilities into their platform, the company bridged the communication gap that had long plagued their workforce. Employees now had access to a seamless, integrated, and secure messaging environment right within the app. This pivotal move not only bolstered data security but also centralized communication, offering employees a unified platform for all their work-related discussions.

  2. 02.

    Boosting engagement

     Beyond mere communication, CometChat's platform was instrumental in enhancing user engagement. With features like reactions, threaded replies, and customizable group avatars, employees could communicate more expressively, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. These engagement tools transformed the platform from a mere communication tool to an interactive hub, driving user adoption and participation.

  3. 03.

    Tailored solutions for non-desk employees

    CometChat's versatility shone through in its ability to cater to the unique challenges posed by non-desk employees. With intuitive admin rights and group ownership features, managing permissions became a breeze.

“CometChat not only provided a secure and centralized messaging solution but also transformed how our teams connect and collaborate. The engagement-enhancing features like reactions and replies have made our conversations more dynamic and interactive.”

Ingrid Pauchon

Product Manager, Actimo


A Unified Workplace: Empowering Efficient Solutions

The strategic decision to integrate CometChat's messaging solution into the company's platform bore fruit in the form of transformative outcomes:

  1. 01.

    Skyrocketing adoption rates

    The company witnessed a remarkable surge in the adoption of the integrated chat feature. Both management and non-desk employees embraced the new communication tool, leading to a significant uptick in engagement and usage. The platform's user-centric design and intuitive features played a pivotal role in driving this widespread acceptance.

  2. 02.

    Centralized communication

    Gone were the days of fragmented communication channels. With CometChat's solution at the helm, employees transitioned from a myriad of external tools to a unified communication environment within the company's app. This centralization not only streamlined interactions but also bolstered data security, ensuring compliance with company protocols and reducing reliance on unauthorized communication avenues.

  3. 03.

    Seamless group administration

    In the face of the unique challenges posed by high turnover rates among non-desk employees, CometChat's admin rights feature emerged as a game-changer. It ensured continuity in group communication, offering the flexibility needed to manage groups efficiently, even amidst frequent personnel changes.

    In conclusion, the integration of CometChat's comprehensive messaging solution marked a turning point for the company. It not only addressed the immediate communication challenges but also set the stage for a more cohesive, engaged, and productive workplace.

It's as if we've unlocked a new level of communication within our app. Plus, the responsive support and commitment to addressing our specific needs have been exceptional. We're thrilled with the results and recommend CometChat to any company looking to elevate their communication strategy

Ingrid Pauchon

Product Manager, Actimo

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