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Unlocking Enhanced User Engagement: LifeQuest's Journey with CometChat

"LifeQuest's collaboration with CometChat reshaped user engagement, fostering a thriving community. With active user growth, a remarkable boost in retention rates, extended session durations, and a popular 'Vent Out' group chat, the partnership exemplifies the transformative power of tech integration and user-focused solutions."

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About LifeQuest

LifeQuest is a unique platform described as “a community for improving relationships.” Originating from the StartupLanes incubator in February 2021, LifeQuest operates as a social network that bridges consumers with experts across diverse fields, including parenting, career, and relationships. The primary vision of its founders was to create a secure environment where individuals could connect with experts or share personal experiences with fellow users. The platform primarily caters to the Gen Z demographic, aiming to enhance their life skills in areas such as entrepreneurship, relationships, parenting, and more.


LifeQuest's Vision: Empowering Relationships Amidst the Pandemic

The inception of LifeQuest was driven by the observed demand for relationship counselling during the pandemic in 2020. While many service providers were offering their expertise through platforms like Zoom and Clubhouse, users faced challenges related to maintaining their privacy, anonymity, and the constraint of being available at specific times. LifeQuest aimed to offer a solution that would cater to these consumer needs. 

However, to truly resonate with their audience, they recognized the necessity of an in-app chat feature that was reliable, customizable, cost-effective, and easy to integrate. This chat feature would not only enhance user engagement but also ensure that users could communicate without compromising their privacy or being bound by time constraints.

“We seriously considered building chat in-house because of the customizations that we needed. But that would have taken more than six months, plus there is a substantial cost associated with it. Then there will be ongoing costs to maintain and update.”

Rohan Shah

CEO & Co-Founder, LifeQuest


CometChat and LifeQuest: A Collaborative Journey to Success

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Time on site



⬆ 6.5x

User retention

To address their challenges and enhance the user experience, LifeQuest turned to CometChat for a comprehensive chat solution. Here's how CometChat catered to LifeQuest's specific needs:

  1. 01.

    Rapid integration

    Understanding the urgency to go to market, LifeQuest confidently integrated CometChat's SDK directly into their live app, first on their web platform and subsequently on their mobile application. This swift integration was possible due to CometChat's well-established and tested API.

  2. 02.

    Customizable chat solution

    CometChat's SDK provided the flexibility LifeQuest needed. It allowed them to create a unique "Vent Out" group chat feature within their platform. This space quickly gained popularity, enabling users to express their feelings, both positive and negative. Professional therapists and trained counselors could then engage with these users, offering one-on-one conversations to address their concerns.

  3. 03.

    Cost-effective solution

    One of the pivotal reasons LifeQuest chose CometChat was its cost-effectiveness. CometChat offered a solution that required only frontend and backend API integration, presenting a significant cost-saving opportunity for LifeQuest.

  4. 04.

    Reliability and support

     LifeQuest found a true partner in CometChat. Not only did CometChat offer a reliable and stable chat solution, but they also provided continuous support, considering feature requests and ensuring the chat integration's success.

"We didn’t have a lot of time since we wanted to go to market ASAP. So we didn’t even try building a prototype or Proof of Concept. We felt confident enough to integrate directly with our platform. First we integrated with our web app and then with the mobile app."

Rohan Shah

CEO and co-founder, LifeQuest


Tech Integration Success: LifeQuest's Thriving Partnership

The partnership between LifeQuest and CometChat transcended beyond just a feature addition. It reshaped user engagement and cultivated a thriving community. Here's a glimpse into the profound impact of their collaboration:

  1. 01.

    Active user growth

     LifeQuest experienced a remarkable growth in its user base, expanding from a minimal number of users to a thriving community of 5,000 active members.

  2. 02.

    Increased user retention

    With the integration of CometChat's chat solution, LifeQuest observed a significant boost in user engagement. Their user retention rates skyrocketed from 3% to 20%.

  3. 03.

    Increased engagement

    Users became more engaged with the platform. The average session duration extended from a mere 1-2 minutes to 15 minutes per session, showcasing the enhanced user interaction.

  4. 04.

    Community building

    The "Vent Out" group chat, facilitated by CometChat's solution, quickly became a popular space, fostering a supportive community where users could freely express their feelings and receive professional guidance.

In essence, LifeQuest's collaboration with CometChat exemplifies the impact of strategic tech integration. By addressing user needs, they not only enhanced platform functionality but also built a thriving community.

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