Disrupting the Real Estate Game with Seamless Communication: Nobroker’s Success Story

NoBroker, a proptech leader in India, revolutionized real estate by implementing CometChat's chat functionalities. This case study explores how seamless communication across the tenant-owner journey led to a 25% transaction increase and a more user-centric experience.

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NoBroker's Rise in Indian Real Estate

In India's bustling real estate market, traditionally dominated by agent-driven models, NoBroker has emerged as a true disruptor. Founded in 2014, today, this innovative proptech  company boasts a user base exceeding 1 million monthly active users.

NoBroker's success can be attributed to its focus on streamlining the entire real estate journey for both renters and owners. Unlike traditional methods, which often involve multiple intermediaries and a lack of transparency, NoBroker empowers users with direct communication and control. This innovative approach has revolutionized the way people find their perfect property match in India.

Pain of Disconnected Communication in Real Estate

As NoBroker established itself as a leader in proptech, one crucial aspect remained a hurdle: seamless communication. The traditional methods of phone calls and emails created a fragmented and inefficient experience for renters, owners, and NoBroker representatives.

The journey for renters, owners, and NoBroker representatives was riddled with communication hurdles.

  • Tenant-Owner Mismatch

    Finding a perfect fit relied on phone calls and emails. Delayed responses, missed connections, and unclear information often led to frustrating mismatches between renters' expectations and property details.

  • Information Silos

    Traditional methods often involved multiple phone calls with renters, owners, and potentially several intermediaries. This fragmented communication created information silos, delaying the application process and increasing confusion.

  • Logistical Nightmares

    Coordinating moving logistics pre-chat meant juggling separate calls with renters, packers & movers, and vendors. This disjointed approach increased the risk of miscommunication and created unnecessary stress during an already hectic time.

Recognizing this challenge, NoBroker embarked on a search for the right solution to bridge the communication gap and further enhance its user experience. This quest ultimately led them to CometChat, a powerful chat platform that would become an integral part of NoBroker's success story.

Why NoBroker Chose CometChat

In their quest for a seamless communication solution, NoBroker prioritized several key factors that ultimately led them to choose CometChat:

  • Rapid Customization and Launch

    CometChat's flexible UI Kits and SDKs ensured a smooth integration process. This rapid customization allowed NoBroker to tailor the chat experience to their specific needs and launch it quickly, minimizing disruption to their user base.

Adoption of in-app chat by our users was extremely smooth. Thanks to CometChat, we are now seeing higher dwell time and user retention. We are seeing a nearly 25% increase in successful transactions when the user has an in-app chat touch.

Amit Sharma

SVP, Engineering, NoBroker

  • Seamless Implementation Expertise

    NoBroker benefited from CometChat's dedicated on-demand support. This ensured a smooth integration and solutions tailored to address all of NoBroker's unique use cases, maximizing the platform's potential.

  • Scalable Value-Driven Pricing

    NoBroker began with a single product line and easily expanded CometChat across their entire platform. The clear value proposition reflected in CometChat's fair, usage-based pricing model made this expansion a cost-effective decision.

  • Uninterrupted User Experience

    CometChat's highly scalable and reliable infrastructure played a crucial role. With zero call drops or downtime, NoBroker could ensure a seamless and uninterrupted chat experience for their growing user base of over 1 million, fostering user trust and satisfaction.

How NoBroker uses CometChat

NoBroker leverages CometChat's comprehensive chat functionalities to streamline communication and enhance the user experience across various touchpoints. Here's how CometChat empowers them:

1. Seamless Tenant-Owner Matching:

In-App Chat: Real-time communication between renters and owners allows for quick clarification of questions, property details, and negotiation of terms. This transparency leads to a better fit and faster decisions.

File Sharing: Sharing rental agreements and other relevant documents directly within the chat eliminates the need for external tools and ensures a smooth application process.

2. Collaborative Transactions with Group Chats:

Group Conversations: Renters, owners, and NoBroker representatives can collaborate seamlessly in group chats. This fosters transparency by keeping everyone informed, streamlines applications through efficient communication, and facilitates faster issue resolution.

Enhanced Features: Features like in-chat translation bridge language barriers, while audio messages cater to diverse communication preferences, ensuring a smooth experience for all participants.

3. Integrated Communication for Simplified Logistics:

One-to-one Communication: Renters can directly connect with packers & movers and vendors within the app. This streamlines coordination, eliminates the need for juggling separate calls, and simplifies logistics for a stress-free moving experience.

4. Efficient In-App Support:

Dedicated Support Channels: NoBroker utilizes CometChat to create dedicated chat channels for customer support. This allows renters and owners to connect directly with NoBroker representatives for prompt assistance and resolution of any queries.

In-App Calling: In addition to text chat, CometChat's in-app calling functionality empowers NoBroker to offer voice support within the app. This eliminates the need for external phone calls and provides a convenient way for users to connect with NoBroker representatives.

The complete in-app calling system from CometChat has dramatically reduced our call center costs. It also helped streamline internal processes while improving overall customer satisfaction and NPS!

Amit Sharma

SVP, Engineering, NoBroker

5. Driving Engagement Beyond Conversations:

Webhooks: NoBroker utilizes CometChat's webhooks to capture valuable data like read receipts and chat engagement. This data fuels personalized in-app notifications and targeted promotional offers sent via WhatsApp and email based on user activity, further increasing user engagement and conversion rates.

Looking ahead, NoBroker's commitment to innovation, coupled with CometChat's cutting-edge technology, paves the way for even greater advancements in real estate communication. This winning partnership is sure to continue shaping the future of the Indian real estate market, creating a more efficient and user-centric experience for all stakeholders.

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