Transforming Digital Conversations: jumpingMinds' Journey to 184.4k Members with CometChat

"CometChat provides a secure and reliable platform for jumpingMinds users to connect which is extremely important in the mental health space." - Piyush Gupta Co-founder & CPO

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About jumpingMinds

jumpingMinds (JM) is an innovative platform designed as an anonymous, secure “no-judgment” social community. Its primary objective is to connect individuals for peer-to-peer “friends therapy.” Within just a year of its launch, jumpingMinds has successfully built a thriving community with over 186k users. The platform was recognized as the “Best Hidden Gem” on Google Play in 2021. With a mission to make mental health services more accessible, especially in India where there's a significant gap between the number of licensed therapists and the vast population, jumpingMinds serves as a bridge, connecting peers for one-on-one text chats, offering a space for "friends therapy."


Recognizing the Complexity: To Build Chat

Piyush, the Co-founder & CPO, had built chat systems himself for a previous project, so he understood upfront the challenges involved in doing it yourself. “Chat is a core component of connecting people to each other and fueling engagement,” said Piyush, so it was critical they get it right. 

Soon, the team recognized that something as complex as chat is difficult to build well, and can quickly become a big drain on resources, and a distraction for product and engineering teams. An experienced tech leader, Piyush knew the best thing for his business was to outsource this particular facet of the technology in order to speed his time to market and focus on the larger challenges of building community, serving users, and everything else that goes with running a growing business.


The Smart Move: Leveraging Outsourced Chat Technology


growth in engagement rate


Million messages exchanged


concurrent chats supported

Prior to integrating CometChat, they experimented with end-to-end chat SDKs and tested several other chat solutions, including Twilio and PubNub. To address their multifaceted challenges and enhance the user experience on their platform, jumpingMinds turned to CometChat. Here's how CometChat provided the solutions jumpingMinds was seeking:

  1. 01.

    Swift integration

    jumpingMinds was able to seamlessly integrate CometChat's SDK into their platform, both on the web and mobile applications. This rapid integration was facilitated by CometChat's well-documented and user-friendly API.

  2. 02.

    Customizable chat feature

    CometChat's SDK offered the flexibility that jumpingMinds needed. It allowed them to create a unique chat environment tailored to their platform's requirements, ensuring users could connect anonymously and securely.

  3. 03.

    Robust safety and moderation tools

    Recognizing the sensitive nature of discussions on jumpingMinds, CometChat's suite of safety and moderation tools ensured a secure chat environment. This included features like profanity filters and the ability to report or block users, ensuring users felt safe while using the platform.

  4. 04.

    Continuous support

    CometChat's dedicated support team was always available to assist jumpingMinds with any queries or challenges they faced during the integration process. This ensured a smooth and hassle-free experience for jumpingMinds.

“We only want to focus on growing our own platform right now, and CometChat is the best chat solution.”

Piyush Gupta

Co-founder & CPO, jumpingMinds


Heightened User Engagement: The Results of Integration

The strategic decision to integrate CometChat into jumpingMinds' platform bore tangible results. The outcomes not only validated their choice but also showcased the transformative power of the right technological integration. Here's a closer look at the measurable impact:

  1. 01.

    Rapid community growth

    Within just a year, jumpingMinds' community expanded impressively, reaching over 184.4k members.

  2. 02.

    Enhanced engagement

    The platform witnessed a remarkable 37.45% growth in user engagement rate.

  3. 03.

    Messaging milestones

    Since its launch, users have exchanged over 13.7 million messages, with daily message counts reaching up to 162k. The platform also supported up to 7k concurrent chats.

  4. 04.

    Robust Security and Moderation

    CometChat's security and moderation extensions, such as data masking, profanity filters, and XSS filters, ensured the safety of jumpingMinds' users and their personal information.

We wanted to onboard a company that focused on all the three pillars - security, reliability, and flexibility. CometChat provides a secure and reliable platform for jumpingMinds users to connect which is extremely important in the mental health space.

Piyush Gupta

Founder & CTO, JumpingMinds

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