How CometChat Helps Media.Monks Engage 20k+ Attendees at Virtual Events Worldwide

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March 24, 2023

Ryan Graff

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    About media.monks

    Media.Monks is one of the largest marketing and advertising services company in the world, operating out of 57 offices in 33 countries. The firm helps a whos-who list of global brands host large-scale experiential events that attract tens of thousands of attendees. 

    • Subsidiary of S4 Capital, a publicly-traded & world’s largest digital media company
    • Host in-person, virtual and hybrid events in more than 33 countries
    • Build experiential events for brands such as Meta, Amazon, Nike, HP, FIFA, AT&T, Bayer, and more. 

    Faced with uncertainty and risk, a quick pivot to digital

    In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic forced sudden lock downs, social distancing, and other restrictions forced every business to adapt. Perhaps no business confronted as daunting a challenge as Media.Monks, a marketing and advertising services company that specializes in high-profile events for enterprise customers that range from Meta, and Burberry to McDonald’s.

    The obvious solution was to go virtual.But how do you move events that support up to 20k attendees online? How do you adequately replicate the networking opportunities that drive the value of any business event? And how do you do it across the globe — from APAC to EMEA to North America and beyond?

    Dozens of events, each one unique

    Media.Monks hosts dozens of virtual & hybrid events every year in each of the regions it operates. Each event is a marquee occasion and is high profile, high stakes, and different every time. Every client has different expectations and requirements, which meant that every aspect, including chat, of the Media.Monks platform had to be configurable to meet customer requirements.

    Media.Monks also needed the scalability and flexibility to have tens of thousands of users on the platform one week, and zero the next. Any solution would also have to integrate easily with an in-house SDK Media.Monks used as well as other digital event vendors like video broadcasters. Finally, given the high stakes, event support would be critical. 

    Why Media.Monks chose CometChat

    “The look and feel of every event is different. It's never the same. We develop a new front-end every time per customer requests. CometChat makes that rapid customization possible.”

    Anna Hovhannisyan | Senior Project Manager | Media.Monks

    With CometChat, Media.Monks got the flexible solution it sought. By marrying the CometChat SDK to an in-house event SDK, Media.Monks was able to customise chat to suit client requirements quickly and easily.

    “We have an in-house SDK and front end library that we use,” said Anna Hovhannisyan, Senior Project Manager at Media.Monks. “So some of the things are standardized and we can reuse them. But the actual look and feel of the platform is always different. It's never the same. We develop a new front-end every time per customer needs and creative concept.”

    CometChat offer multiple integration methods that allowed Media.Monks to build bespoke chat experiences with the SDKs UI Kits or readymade chat widget to launch chat in just a few minutes. Other factors that stood out to the Media.Monks were CometChat’s great support and flexible pricing for events along with its scalable and secure chat infrastructure. 


    While some customers wanted an open free-for-all among keynote audience members, the next wouldn’t want any interaction or to have it be closely moderated. And while some customers were happy to have audience interaction play second fiddle to speakers, others wanted dozens of networking rooms to facilitate attendee interaction.

    CometChat delivered on all fronts, and at different times enabled:

    • Networking rooms for small groups of attendees
    • Live session commenting with moderation
    • Group chats
    • Video chat
    • Commenting threads
    • and more

    With CometChat, Media.Monks also found an adaptable and responsive partner. The team simply reaches out to CometChat for a one-week license that gives them access to the SDK and the concurrency needed for events.

    “We just call. CometChat is always very helpful, answers our questions quickly, and is very collaborative. It’s really as simple as making a phone call.”

    Anna Hovhannisyan | Senior Project Manager | Media.Monks

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