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Scaling Virtual Events to New Heights: HeySummit's Journey with CometChat

“What attracted us most to CometChat were things like the UI Kits, good documentation, and a responsive team. The API docs are just really, really good, and after talking with the CometChat team we knew that even though our use case might not be typical, there was a keen sense of care.” - Rob Gelb Founder

Team CometChat


About HeySummit

Founded in 2019 by CEO Rob Gelb, HeySummit emerged as a platform designed to simplify the creation, management, and execution of virtual events. When the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted traditional event formats, HeySummit became an essential tool for industries transitioning to virtual spaces. From intimate gatherings of 200 participants to grand digital conferences hosting over 50,000 attendees, HeySummit catered to a diverse clientele, including renowned organizations like the Red Cross and the United Nations.


The Build vs. Buy Dilemma: HeySummit's Critical Decision

The meteoric rise of HeySummit was fueled by the global shift towards virtual events during the Covid-19 pandemic. While many platforms scrambled to offer virtual event solutions, HeySummit observed that users sought a more integrated experience, desiring real-time communication without having to switch between multiple platforms. The vision was clear: to provide a seamless event experience where attendees could chat, network, and engage directly within the HeySummit platform.

Amidst this vision, HeySummit grappled with a pivotal "build vs. buy" dilemma. Building an in-house chat solution promised customization and alignment with their unique needs. However, the urgency to deploy this feature, given the rapid growth, raised concerns about time constraints. Additionally, while buying an external solution might seem expedient, there were apprehensions about cost implications, adaptability, and seamless integration with their existing infrastructure.

“We estimated that it would take about three to four months for one of our developers, someone without live chat experience, to build this. And that’s not counting the hours of ongoing support.”

Rob Gelb

Founder, HeySummit


Swift Integration: HeySummit's CometChat Decision


events conducted

2M +

attendees supported


months of developer time saved

Navigating the intricate demands of their platform and the urgency to enhance user communication, HeySummit embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of potential chat solutions. Their goal was clear: find a solution that seamlessly integrates with their platform, offers robust features, and can be swiftly deployed without compromising on user experience.

HeySummit's search culminated in choosing CometChat, and here's why:

  1. 01.

    Swift integration

    CometChat's user-friendly SDKs and APIs ensured a smooth and rapid integration process. This meant HeySummit could roll out the chat feature in record time, addressing the immediate needs of their growing user base.

  2. 02.

    Customizable & scalable

    CometChat's platform was adaptable, allowing HeySummit to tailor the chat experience for each event. Moreover, its robust infrastructure ensured that the chat feature could handle a surge in users, ensuring consistent performance.

  3. 03.

    Advanced features

    Beyond basic text chat, CometChat offered advanced features like voice and video calls, enhancing the depth and richness of interactions on the HeySummit platform.

  4. 04.


     By opting for CometChat, HeySummit could leverage a feature-rich chat solution without the hefty price tag or prolonged development times associated with building in-house.


HeySummit's Stellar Year: A Testament to CometChat's Impact

HeySummit's collaboration with CometChat proved to be transformative for their platform, leading to significant achievements:

In 2020 alone, HeySummit successfully supported nearly 5,000 events, catering to a diverse range of audiences and themes. The platform served over 2 million attendees, showcasing its capability to handle large-scale virtual events seamlessly.

HeySummit's customers collectively generated more than $7.5 million USD in revenue in 2020, a testament to the platform's efficacy and the enhanced user experience brought about by the integration of CometChat. With the momentum gained, HeySummit has ambitious plans for the upcoming year, aiming to double or even triple their 2020 revenue figures.

These results not only highlight the success of HeySummit's partnership with CometChat but also underscore the platform's potential for future growth and its commitment to delivering top-notch virtual event experiences.

“When launching something as complex as live chat there are so many unknowns. Working with people who have been there and whose job it is to develop the product saves you not just a lot of dev time, but a lot of thinking time too.”

Rob Gelb

Founder, HeySummit

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