How One Mental Health Startup Built a Thriving Community With Peer-to-Peer Connections

Peer-to-peer chat is a core part of the jumpingMinds platform, and the decision to build vs. buy is not one the team made lightly. Find out why they decided to integrate with CometChat vs. building it themselves.

Karen Kelty • Aug 9, 2022

Peer-to-peer chat is a core part of the jumpingMinds platform, and the decision to build vs. buy is not one the team made lightly. Find out why they decided to integrate with CometChat vs. building it themselves.

About jumpingMinds

jumpingMinds (JM) is an anonymous, secure “no-judgment” social community that connects people with one another for peer-to-peer “friends therapy.”

Fast Facts

  • Built a thriving community with more than 186k users within 1 year of launch

  • Their popular “Chat With a Peer” feature has supported over 30k monthly active users (MAU) and nearly 7k concurrent users (CCU)

  • More than 162k messages exchanged by users per day

  • Named the “Best Hidden Gem” on Google Play in 2021

  • Website:

jumpingMinds is on a mission to make mental health services more accessible.

In India, there are only 9000 licensed therapists in a country that’s home to 1.4 billion people. Before the pandemic, India had one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Covid has only made things worse.

Piyush Gupta, jumpingMinds co-founder & CPO, felt that something had to be done to address the mental health crisis, so he built jumpingMinds, an anonymous, secure “no-judgement” social community that connects peers on-demand for 1-1 text chat, or “friends therapy” as he calls it.

Screen shots of the jumpingMinds app

jumpingMinds’ revolutionary “Chat with a Peer” feature is a core component to their offering, providing users a safe place to talk to empathetic and caring strangers who’ve navigated similar circumstances without fear of judgement. In addition to their popular chat features, jumpingMinds also bundles self-help resources.

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Evaluating the build vs. buy dilemma.

Piyush had built chat systems himself for a previous project, so he understood upfront the challenges involved in doing it yourself. “Chat is a core component of connecting people to each other and fueling engagement,” said Piyush, so it was critical they get it right.

Soon, the team recognized that something as complex as chat is difficult to build well, and can quickly become a big drain on resources, and a distraction for product and engineering teams. An experienced tech leader, Piyush knew the best thing for his business was to outsource this particular facet of the technology in order to speed his time to market and focus on the larger challenges of building community, serving users, and everything else that goes with running a growing business. “You worry about chat for now, we’ll worry about building the business,” he said.

Prior to integrating CometChat, they experimented with end-to-end chat SDKs and tested several other chat solutions, including Twilio and PubNub.

They found CometChat’s fully featured SDK, UI Kits, and robust documentation compared well with competitors. But it was ultimately CometChat’s stellar support team that tipped the scales and convinced the jumpingMinds team to go with CometChat.

“I looked at the documentation and it was extremely easy to integrate CometChat,” said Piyush, “and “finding a solution that gives you end-to-end servies was the goal.”

“We wanted to onboard a company that focused on all the three pillars — security, reliability, and flexibility. CometChat provides a secure and reliable platform for jumpingMinds users to connect, which is extremely important in the mental health space,” Piyush said.

jumpingMinds launched with CometChat in July 2021, and has seen exponential YoY growth.

Stats showing how jumpingMinds huge growth year over year

Within 1 year, jumpingMinds thriving community has grown to more than 184.4k members strong, and they’ve averaged an impressive 37.45% growth in the engagement rate among their users.

Since its launch:

  • 13.7 million messages exchanged

  • Up to 162k messages sent daily

  • 7k concurrent chats supported

jumpingMinds’ users have enjoyed CometChat’s advanced chat features, such as emojis and push notifications, and security and moderation extensions like data masking, profanity filters and XSS filters have kept jumpingMinds users’ and their personal information safe.

When asked if he’d recommend CometChat to other organizations where chat is a core component of their business, Piyush said he absolutely would, with the key benefits being…

  • The ability to quickly test a proof of concept

  • Deployment in days – not weeks or month

  • The low-risk nature allows for building, testing, failing, and iterating without losing much time or money

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