CometChat SDK v1.6 - Now with a Ready Chat UI!

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April 12, 2016
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    CometChat SDK seamlessly integrates with your existing application and lets you add chat functionality to your mobile app. We care immensely about the developer experience, constantly trying to make our products easy and fun to use. Here we are with yet another release of our Mobile Chat SDK, now with a Ready UI feature using which you can integrate a ready-made chat UI into your app in minutes! Yes, you’ve read right! Minutes!

    Ready UI

    What’s new?

    Ready-to-use Private and Chatroom Audio, Video and Text Chat UI With Ready UI feature you can open our entire chat app within your existing app. Watch CometChat slide in and enable your users to audio, video & text chat & conference directly from your app.

    User list

    Ready-to-use Private Chat UI Have a use case where you need to just enable your app user to chat with a single user (e.g. Dating app)? You can also load the chat window for any specific user instead of opening the entire chat app.


    Cordova Chat Plugin CometChat SDK now offers support for apps developed using Cordova. With our Cordova Chat Plugin you can use CometChat in your Cordova app. It’s super simple and will take you only a few minutes!


    Ionic Chat Plugin CometChat SDK now offers support for apps developed using Ionic. With our Ionic Chat Plugin you can use CometChat in your Ionic app. It’s extremely simple and adding chat will take you only a few minutes!


    Amazing Ready UI Features

    Our ready chat UI is packed full of features including: – A user list that displays all the online users for private and chatroom conversations. – A scrollable, message display experience that displays delivery & read receipts, and overlays a typing indicator as others are typing. – Emoji and sticker keyboard to express yourself better and keep the fun going. – A detailed view for managing conversations with plentiful plugins and modules that will help you create an amazing experience with your users.

    Get CometChat Mobile SDK with Ready UI

    The CometChat Mobile SDK is compatible with all editions of CometChat. Simply decide on the features you need and go for it! (Audio/Video Chat is supported only in CometChat Platinum Edition). Purchase CometChat with Mobile SDK Or Purchase the Mobile SDK if you already have CometChat. If you do not have a mobile app, then you can have a look at our White-labelled Mobile Chat App which are ready to use mobile apps with your site’s branding! Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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