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Empowering Engagement: Aarya Digital’s Expedition with CometChat

“With CometChat’s user-friendly chat API and SDKs, we could easily build a responsive and reliable chat experience that our users loved” - Rahul, Director

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About Aarya Digital

Aarya Digital, a division of ACTIVETHEORY PRIVATE LIMITED and headquartered in the bustling city of mumbai, is a pioneering force in interactive media. Their mission is to empower brands to deeply connect with audiences through immersive experiences. With relentless commitment to innovation and technology, Aarya digital is well versed in executing interactive campaigns across diverse platforms. From captivating events to cutting edge out of home (OOH) advertisements, Aarya Digital leverages advanced technology like motion sensing, AR, and more to bring brands into life. 


Overcoming Virtual Event Engagement Hurdles

In response to the surge in virtual events driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, Aarya Digital embarked on a mission to enhance their digital and user engagement capabilities. Their objective was to leverage technology for reaching a broader audience of event attendees and customers, while also freeing up their employees’ time for more meaningful interactions. 

While they recognized the potential of in-app chat capabilities to amplify customer value and brand engagement, they ran into a number of major obstacles along the way:

  1. 01.

    Enabling in-app communication

    To facilitate in-app communication and foster interpersonal connections during virtual events, Aarya Digital needed to seamlessly integrate a chat feature into their client’s websites. This chat feature had to provide a direct communication service that was not only high performance but also reliable and scalable, catering to various event types and campaigns.

  2. 02.

    Choosing the right solution

    Aarya Digital faced a pivotal decision- whether to develop the chat feature in house from scratch or opt for a more efficient solution like a chat API and SDK such as CometChat.

Initially, they explored the possibility of developing the chat feature internally but soon realised the substantial cost and complexity associated with building it from the ground up, while incorporating all the advanced features they envisioned.


Simplified Integration: Empowering Aarya Digital's In-App Chat Feature

In their endeavour to seamlessly integrate an in-app chat feature into their digital platform, Aarya Digital turned to CometChat's chat API, a strategic decision that played a pivotal role in achieving their goals.CometChat emerged as a formidable ally, greatly easing the way to success due to the following reasons -

  1. 01.

    User-friendly development and integration

    CometChat’s chat API and SDKs stood out for their user-friendliness. The resources provided by CometChat formed a comprehensive toolkit, which proved instrumental in simplifying the development process and mitigating the associated complexities.

    One of CometChat’s remarkable strengths was its chat API’s compatibility with a diverse range of programming languages and frameworks. This ensured that Aarya Digital’s developers encountered no hurdles when integrating CometChat’s code into their platform. 

  2. 02.

    Tailored 1-on-1 chat

    CometChat provided an advanced feature that allowed attendees to connect individually with their support team. The 1-on-1 chat feature allowed them to talk to each other, submit responses or ask questions regarding the event, which safely reached the team.

  3. 03.

    Customizable chat UI

    CometChat offered a standout feature with its pre-built chat UI, providing a ready-made canvas that Aarya Digital’s developers could effortlessly customise to align with their website’s unique design aesthetic. This not only saved valuable development time but also ensured that the chat interface seamlessly blended into the overall user interface. This harmonisation significantly enhanced user engagement.

“With CometChat’s user-friendly chat API and SDKs, we could easily build a responsive and reliable chat experience that our users loved”


Director, Aarya Digital


Aarya Digital's Journey Towards Enhanced User Engagement

The integration of CometChat’s chat solution into Aarya Digital’s platform has ushered in a transformative era for the company, becoming an integral component of their digital landscape. This collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing user engagement. Users now enjoy seamless communication, resulting in heightened website engagement and performance. 

Looking ahead, Aarya Digital is committed to further growth and community building through advanced CometChat features. These efforts will strengthen their role as leaders in facilitating meaningful interactions within their platform and ensure a promising future for their digital community.

“CometChat has been an integral part of our platform since the very beginning, allowing us to bring a fully-functional in-app chat solution. If not for CometChat, we would have had to spend more time and effort in integrating less-suited solutions, or create one from scratch”


Director, Aarya Digital

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