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They say, “Communication is the first step towards every solution, no matter what the problem is.”* People are embracing new technology wholeheartedly.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

They say, “Communication is the first step towards every solution, no matter what the problem is.”*
People are embracing new technology wholeheartedly. For it makes life easier, simpler and advantageous by narrowing down the distances between people.

One such technological invention is the introduction of WebRTC platform.

It enables the Web Browsers as well as Mobile Apps to host real-time communication (RTC) of Audio, Video and File Transfer, through several JavaScript APIs (Application Programming Interface).

What is WebRTC? Let’s decode it here!

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is all about Real-Time Communication via Web Browser or Mobile Application.

It supports Telecommunications, Chat, Social Networking, Telehealth Services. Additionally, real-time text chat, voice/video interaction/broadcasting and file sharing are also supported.

Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera on Desktop as well as Android supports WebRTC. It also supports native apps for Android and iOS.

WebRTC allows the exchange of peer-to-peer, real-time audio and video streams from your microphone and camera, data exchange, image transfers, and file transfers on your website and application.

It has a set of APIs, hence require no installation or downloads. It also supports mesh networking, which is communication between computers or IoT (Internet of Things) devices to exchange data without having a centralized server.

Adding real-time voice & video communication to your website with WebRTC

WebRTC is an open source framework which can be customized as per the requirements of the clients and their target users to create a voice or video chat application. It is a ready-to-use API system which can be integrated seamlessly into your website and mobile application within minutes.

It helps establish a communication platform which will not only provide a great user experience but also provide an enhanced level of privacy.

This ready to use framework makes the work easy for developers as they do not require to build the communication platform all from scratch.

All they need is to add customization to it and integrate it with the website or mobile app.

Add a personal level of communication within apps and websites with voice & video chat!

Real-time Text, Voice and Video chat enables a personalized approach while communicating with one another. People can share images, broadcast videos while maintaining their full privacy.

Whether the interaction is between two persons, or a group of friends, corporate video conferencing, marketplace assistance or a doctor’s consultation, one can do a lot more with this open source framework.

It also allows for uninterrupted communication on a real-time basis while forgetting the roadblocks associated with distance.

How WebRTC powered voice & video chat is used?

Various companies are happily making use of the WebRTC platform for real-time communication. Google Meet and Google Hangouts are one of them.

Though Google had their own Video conferencing service, however, it required a plugin. That was the juncture when WebRTC ( started with an endowment by Google.

Facebook messenger is another WebRTC integrated platform. Users can peer-to-peer video chat as well as perform group video chat both from a web browser and mobile device.

Facebook live uses it while co-broadcasting. VR Chat uses it for video calls in Oculus. Also, Workplace by Facebook and Instagram uses this for live video chat.

Discord which is a social platform used by all the gamers uses WebRTC since July 2016. Its 87 million user-base, is enjoying this WebRTC tool to the fullest.

Amazon Chime is another big player which uses the WebRTC framework aggressively for their internal communication. And, the data suggests the use of one million minutes every month for internal communication only, let alone their customers.

GoToMeeting is another well-known name who have integrated the WebRTC tool seamlessly into their system. It provides an uninterrupted meeting experience to all the users.

Here are some industry-specific use cases for WebRTC powered voice and video chat!

1. Video conferencing for corporates:

Corporates function on the skills, knowledge, and expertise of their employees. It is not always possible for the big conglomerates to bring all their employees under one roof.

Many of them have gone remotely with a distributed team or offices in various locations working from all time zones.

Video Conferencing feature brings them together to share their ideas, live presentations, direct file streaming, project development status, initiating and closing a deal, as well as train new employees.

WebRTC is a cost-saving feature while helping in performing an array of tasks on a real-time basis. This feature is comfortable to use, convenient in every way, and can be used by many people at the same time while without having to compromise on the user experience.

2. Enhanced dating app functionalities:

Dating apps have become a significant platform for interaction between people from across the world.

It allows the exchange of ideas, views and other information in the form of text, voice, video, file, and data between two people with common interests via technology within a short time frame which is almost negligible.

The introduction of WebRTC building blocks for all kinds of web and app system has made communication a much more comfortable and faster process.

As it facilitates in voice and video calling, with virtually no time lag, people enjoy and prefer this method of communication much more than the traditional modes, which are a lot more time-consuming and slower in process.

3. Real-Estate marketplace communication, making purchase a better experience:

Voice and video calling feature is a great way to allow users to interact with each other on your website. This in turn allows for a better experience for both.

For example, in the real-estate industry, potential buyers can connect with the realtors through voice or video calling facility.

They can also take a virtual tour of the property and the location through live videos of the property, images and e-catalogs.

WebRTC powered chat integrations on real-estate websites provide users with a robust platform to interact with real estate owners, property agents as well as brokers.

This helps the potential customers to clear all their queries about the property they plan to invest on, negotiate the price and finally make an informed decision while making a purchase.

4. Telehealth — Access to doctors through real-time video calling:

Healthcare is an important aspect which is better accessed through technology. WebRTC enables user-friendly video calling between patients and doctors.

There are plenty of websites which enable interactions between a patient and a suitable doctor. Using a real-time chat feature, the patient can interact with the doctors and try to find a solution.

zThis saves the traveling time for the patient, especially in cases where the concern is pretty ordinary or can be addressed with some OTC medicine a doctor can recommend.

Easy access to doctor’s guidance would any day help patients recover in a much convenient way.

It provides a more personalized service while making the patient feel comfortable discussing all health issues with the doctor. This holistic approach of remote consultation is also welcomed by the patients.

5. Chat integration for e-learning portals:

E-learning is in vogue. For it helps people learn without attending a real classroom where a lot of time goes in logistics.

Technology has perfectly addressed constraints like time and distance and helped people indulge into the process of learning through various e-learning portals.

On an e-learning platform, a learner can have access to a trainer through screen sharing. Not only that, the trainers can also conduct sessions by using a video broadcasting method. Here, learners can also share their screen with the trainer or other fellow learners when they all require a more elaborate discussion on the subject.

It provides a more personalized one-to-one interaction (trainer to learner), enables group calling between trainer and learners, and eventually provides an enhanced experience in using this platform of communication and learning.

Moreover, users (both trainer and students) can share video clips, images, documents while they communicate through voice, video or text.

This comprehensive approach makes the learning process a lot more convenient, exciting and enjoyable for learners who cannot always travel to a destination to gain knowledge.

Want to create a new WebRTC based app interface from scratch?

Well, think again! CometChat can make it easier and convenient for you.

CometChat — is a WebRTC powered application for both Web Browsers and Mobile Apps.

It’s easy integration to your website and app enables the site visitors to enjoy a host of features such as one-on-one or group text chat, voice and video calling, file sharing, broadcast videos, collaborating via whiteboards, all within their privacy. Users can switch from text chatting to video calling seamlessly, enhancing their user experience.

If you are a business owner, integrate WebRTC powered CometChat into your website and mobile app.

Engage all your users in a much easier way. And, administer their behavior to make a more informed business decision. Take your business higher and higher with CometChat.

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