Ditched Home-brewed In-app Chat to Scale with CometChat

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May 9, 2023

Kushal Khandelwal

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    Shaadi is India’s leading dating and matchmaking platform for serious dating and matrimony. Founded in 1997, Shaadi offers mainstream and niche services to daters around the world. It has helped over 7 million people find a life partner and more than 50 million find dates. Shaadi has offices in India, Canada, UAE, UK, and the USA and is widely recognized for its safety, security, and innovation.

    A Legacy Chat System Couldn’t Keep up with Modern Users 

    As a matchmaking platform, needed secure and engaging in-app chat for its users. They’d built an in-house chat messaging system that was deployed across 100+ community-specific apps. However, over time the number of users grew and their needs evolved.

    Shaadi’s product and engineering teams found it very challenging to continually develop modern chat features that users expected. Maintaining and scaling the existing chat tech stack proved problematic. The home-brewed chat system and existing team simply couldn’t keep up. 

    The team decided to explore third-party API services that allowed them to integrate text messaging, and voice and video calling into their platforms. Enter CometChat.

    Why Chose CometChat

    CometChat provided the exact tools Shaadi needed to build and integrate in-app chat messaging and voice and video calling into their platforms.

    Scalable & Reliable Tech Stack

    With 35 million active users and more being added every day, Shaadi needed a chat platform that could reliably support its scale. CometChat’s platform offers a robust and reliable infrastructure that is capable of handling Shaadi’s growth for years to come. Shaadi is now able to support more than 1 Million concurrent users in chat without hassle. 

    Focus on its core offering

    The Shaadi team recognized that their core technical offering is a great matching algorithm, and that spending time managing or maintaining chat was likely wasted. With CometChat, the Shaadi dev team could focus on its core and rely on CometChat to handle chat. And CometChat’s deep documentation, implementation support, and ease of integration made for a hassle-free experience for Shaadi’s dev team.

    Optimizing Matches Through Chat

    While chat is sometimes seen as merely a “check the box” feature, Shaadi recognized that it had the potential to improve the matches it served users. By using CometChat’s Presence Webhook, Shaadi could quickly identify which users were using their app and prioritize matches who were online at the same time, spurring conversations. The result were improved matches, more conversations, and more satisfied customers.    

    Superior Chat Experience

    With the previous chat becoming outdated and lacking the features and interface of modern chat apps, Shaadi wanted to offer its users a chat experience that was at par, or better. And CometChat’s modern UI components and latest chat features provided Shaadi’s team with everything it needed to build meaningful chat experiences for its users.

    A Unified Platform

    To ease the maintenance of the overall tech stack and reduce the product and engineering team’s efforts, Shaadi needed a single platform that offered text messaging and voice and video calling. CometChat’s platform offered a unified tech stack and dashboard to manage and maintain both aspects of communication - chat and calls.

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