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What's new in CometChat - October 2023

Introducing new Webhooks, Insights dashboard and more AI updates - AI conversation summarizer and AI assist bots.


It's that exciting time again when we bring you the newest updates and enhancements to CometChat. We have three core updates to share with you this month, so let's dive right in.

New and expansive Webhooks

Extend the power of chat way beyond conversations  

At CometChat, we envision chat functionalities not just as conversations, but as pillars extending into our customer's core product features.

Often businesses overlook the rich first-party data from chat engagement, primarily because it’s tucked away in external SDKs. We've resolved to facilitate more accessible and streamlined methods for businesses to capitalize on their chat engagement data.

We're rolling out a significant update to our webhooks, introducing 25+ new ones to ensure real-time and efficient access to essential data and events.

The new webhooks span multiple scenarios across users, messages, groups, and audio/video calls. Check out more about webhooks here

The potential applications for these data and events are boundless! Our dedicated solutions team is always on hand to brainstorm with you, tailoring the new webhooks to suit your unique needs and aspirations. Click here to request access to the new webhooks.

Insights Dashboard

Drive growth with your first-party chat engagement data

As part of our objective to integrate chat deeply into your business, we are introducing Insights dashboard where we convert chat engagement data into key business insights. Insights delivers a slew of rich, meaningful visualizations pieced together from end-user data. They serve up vital insights on user behaviour, preferences, patterns, trends, and more, arming you to make informed business decisions.

Think of Insights as your personalized guide to the user journey — from sign-up to robust engagement, right down to detecting user drop-off points. Gain a deeper understanding of your users through an array of actionable insights, including usage reports, engagement heatmaps throughout the day, top engaged users, and top engaged groups, along with churn predictions and more.

Explore your user data in new ways with our extensive Data Insights reports. We're launching this feature as part of our Early Access Program - Click here to request access.

More AI updates

Drive chat engagement with Conversational AI

We introduced CometChat’s conversational AI features last month in the form of AI smart replies and conversational starters.

We are adding more to our AI arsenal that will make the conversational experience smoother and stickier.

AI Conversation Summarizer

Easily enable conversation summaries for your users in group chat or 1:1 with our AI conversation summarizer. The Summarizer provides tailored conversation summaries, helping your end users quickly catch up on missed live chats. This can reduce drop-off rates and boost user engagement across your platform, amplifying customer satisfaction. You can customize the summaries either based on the unread count or a specific time period. You can also schedule periodic summaries for broadcasting in group chats.

Personalities & AI Assist Bots

AI Assist Bots offer a more interactive approach to user engagement. With a variety of ready-to-use bot personalities and the ability to create your own, these AI-powered bots can facilitate one-on-one and group chats. A popular use case is an AI coach, guiding users through your specific business use cases; could be buying coach navigating users to get the buyer and seller the best deal in a marketplace. 

With the AI Bots Assist feature, users can ask bots any question to navigate tricky situations, much like consulting a friend. For example, in a dating app, a user could ask the AI bot, "How can I subtly steer the conversation towards asking her on a date?"

Our conversational AI features are aimed at improving chat engagement while creating meaningful value to your end-users. Both our new AI features are currently accessible through our SDKs and will soon be available on our UI Kits. While the AI smart replies and conversation starters are available in both UI Kits and SDKs.

CometChat conversational AI is currently part of our Early Access Program. Access the above link to request for your application.

We'll see you again in a month with more updates. Until then, happy building!


Director of Inbound Marketing , CometChat

Shrimithran is a B2B SaaS marketing leader and leads marketing and GTM efforts for CometChat. Besides SaaS and growth conversations, he finds joy in board games, football and philosophy.

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