Getting Started With JavaScript Chat Setup [Web SDK] ft. Adrian Twarog

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May 18, 2022

Swahani Roy

This article features Adrian Twarog explaining in our latest video tutorial how to integrate chat, voice, and video messaging into a website or app using the JavaScript chat SDK for web.

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    Communication is the center of application development. If you are an app developer, you must be aware that one of the many things that set your app apart from others is the in-app chat functionality. Also, building a custom feature-rich chat application according to your requirements from scratch is not a great option as you need to handle a lot of tasks. This is where chat SDKs and UI kits come to the rescue.

    [If you’re confused on whether to build a chat application from scratch or buy a chat API, our comprehensive article on build vs. buy comparison will help you get the clarity you need.]

    Being a developer, you’ve probably heard of all the buzz around SDKs and APIs. In this tutorial, Australian designer and developer Adrian Twarog will walk you through how to integrate chat, voice, and video messaging into your own website or app using the JavaScript chat SDK for the web. This will be useful if you want to get started with CometChat inside a React, Angular, Vue, or even regular web application.

    By the end of this tutorial, you will have learned how to install CometChat dependencies, set up the configuration, and initialize it with our application ID.

    Check out the complete video tutorial by Adrian Twarog below:

    If you found this tutorial helpful in getting you up and running with the JavaScript setup for adding chat, voice, and video messaging to your application, you can start building your JavaScript chat app for free by creating an account with CometChat (no credit card required!).

    You can install this setup in a few minutes, but if you want to experiment more, do check out our JavaScript SDK documentation.

    With the JavaScript Chat SDK, you’ll be able to save an incredible amount of time integrating chat, video, and voice messaging into your website or application, thereby creating a seamless in-app chat experience. Hopefully, this video tutorial will answer most of your questions regarding the JavaScript chat setup.

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    In our next video tutorial, we will take a look at authentication with users using the JavaScript chat SDK. If you don’t want to miss out on more such exciting videos, subscribe to the CometChat YouTube channel!

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