Aarya Digital Embraces CometChat’s In-App Chat to Drive User Engagement

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September 10, 2021

Swahani Roy

See how Aarya Digital worked with CometChat to engage communities, build communications, and drive user engagement, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

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    About Aarya Digital

    Aarya Digital, a division of ACTIVETHEORY PRIVATE LIMITED, is an Indian interactive media company based out of Mumbai that helps brands attract, engage, and connect with their customers through immersive experiences. The company is an expert in conceptualizing and implementing interactive campaigns on a wide range of platforms, including, events, out-of-home (OOH) advertisements, social media, smartphones, web, and tablets through state-of-the-art technology such as motion sensing, AR, touch displays, gesture tracking, and more.

    “At Aarya, we specialize in immersive technology to create unforgettable brand experiences. We partner with leading-edge technology providers and build custom marketing solutions, thereby making an impact on their audience,” said Rahul Dhir, director of Aarya Digital.

    Rahul makes sure that Aarya Digital develops the right solutions, the most functional features, and delivers value to their broad range of customers, whose industries range from healthcare and medical devices and technology to automotive and consumer electronics, and more.

    For example, in August 2021, Aarya Digital successfully designed and developed Nasscom's Cloud Summit, which leveraged CometChat's chat functionality. Here's what the virtual event looked like:

    The Need

    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aarya Digital saw an upsurge in virtual events catering to product launches, press meets, internal employee engagement, and conferences.

    The company wanted to scale its digital and user engagement capabilities using technology, enabling the firm to reach more event attendees and customers and give its employees more time to spend with them. They believed adding in-app chat capabilities to their virtual events would provide more value to customers and increase brand engagement. 

    The idea was to offer a chat solution that Aarya Digital customers could easily add to their website. That way, event attendees would be able to chat with each other in real-time and the company would be able to manage all online conversations in one place. 

    The Challenge

    For facilitating in-app communication and interpersonal connections, the users of Aarya Digital needed to have a chat feature integrated into their website. Depending on the type of event or campaign, the purpose of the chat would be to offer a direct communication service that is high-performance, reliable, and scalable.

    There were two options for them to add a chat feature into their digital platform, by developing the feature from scratch in-house or using a chat API and SDK like CometChat. Initially, they considered developing the chat feature on their own, but soon realized the high cost of building it from scratch with all the advanced features they needed. 

    The Solution

    To save costs and time, they decided to go with the CometChat chat API. 

    “With CometChat’s user-friendly chat API and SDKs, we could easily build a responsive and reliable chat experience that our users loved,” said Rahul.

    Aarya Digital got all the tools necessary to develop the in-app chat feature into their digital platform. The API works incredibly with multiple languages and frameworks, so the developers had no issues working with CometChat code. Integrating the chat feature was pretty simple, as the CometChat SDK offered a pre-built chat UI that the developers only needed to customize a little to fit the website design.

    “Our team worked directly with CometChat’s Engineering and Customer Success teams to ensure seamless integration of the in-app messaging solution without much hassle,” said Rahul.

    It was essential for the Aarya Digital team to provide their customers and event attendees with a seamless experience regarding chat implementation. CometChat provided an advanced feature that allowed attendees to connect individually with their support team. The 1-on-1 chat feature allowed them to talk to each other, submit responses or ask questions regarding the event, which safely reached the team. 

    The Results

    The chat solution is now a significant part of Aarya Digital’s platform and the overall user experience. It made it easy for users to connect and have unified conversations, thereby improving user engagement on the website. From in-app messaging experience to group chat, Aarya Digital experienced high performance in its event, allowing it to focus on building greater experiences.

    With CometChat, their team was able to integrate a 1-on-1 chat that is an ideal fit for their use case.

    “CometChat has been an integral part of our platform since the very beginning, allowing us to bring a fully-functional in-app chat solution. If not for CometChat, we would have had to spend more time and effort in integrating less-suited solutions, or create one from scratch,” said Rahul.

    Aarya Digital feels confident with CometChat, allowing it to easily communicate with and deliver the best brand experience. Moving ahead, Aarya Digital aims to implement more advanced features from CometChat to nurture interpersonal connections, thereby leading to better community retention. 

    Connect with a member of CometChat’s sales team today to see how we can help get your virtual event up and running!

    About the author

    Swahani is a marketing specialist at CometChat, joining in May of 2021. She's interested in all things tech, with previous experience writing about the blockchain, data science, and analytics domains. Swahani received a B.Tech degree in Information Technology and Engineering from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (Dr. BATU).

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