Build and grow with CometChat

Start today, scale endlessly. Let us make your real-time engagement features awesome so you can focus on everything else for your app.

CometChat for startups

Out-of-the-box chat features for your app

Accelerate time to market and cut down on precious developer hours. Deploy easily and scale seamlessly with Cometchat's SDK and UI kits.

Easy deployment

Build with the team you have today

Build, launch, and test quickly, with the team you have right now. With intuitive documentation and fully-functional feature sets, adding chat to your app has never been easier.

Low maintenance

Deploy & forget. CometChat scales with you

Leave the chat expertise to us. Let your developers focus on your core product. Once deployed, you don't have to worry about the upkeep of the chat features. Don't waste dollar value on dev shops to manage your chat.

Interactive Demo

Experience messaging built on CometChat

Give our sample messaging app a spin. This interactive demo app is built with our latest UI Kits for you to experience all the UI elements and functionalities of CometChat.

The benefits

Build quickly and confidently

Free developer plan

Our Developer Plan lets you build and test the chat integration you need, with access to our full feature set.

No maintenance

We take care of dev ops and maintenance, so you can focus on building your core product.

Features for future

Easily add new features as you scale without significant dev effort. We got you covered as you scale.

Scalable Architecture

Scale seamlessly without worrying about the chat infrastructure. We enable you to grow, and we grow when you do.


Businesses of all sizes love Cometchat

"CometChat’s UI Kit is a real differentiator…the devs loved CometChat more than the others."

Nathan Heber

CEO & Founder, Boatyard

"Straightforward implementation. We quickly created a POC, and in less than a week our testing was complete."

Laura Whittington

Head of Digital Product, Live Group

"In thinking about the features we wanted to roll out to our users and about scaling, CometChat just made sense"

Sara Capra

Senior Product Manager, TurboTenant

Award winning chat