Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Testimonials

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July 26, 2017
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    Testimonials and positive reviews are essential to add credibility to your website and to achieve customer trust and satisfaction.

    Here’s a review of the top 5 WordPress plugins to add testimonials and feedbacks to your website and create a trusted business image.

    1. Easy Testimonials

    Easy Testimonials

    Easy testimonials is a free and all-inclusive plugin that makes it convenient for you to flaunt testimonials on your website. The tool makes the testimonials appear on the sidebars (through a widget) or at any other spot of your choice, through a short code.

    Easy Testimonials allows you to add relevant links and images to your website in a creative way, similar to that of a landing page or sales page. The plugin offers you complete customisation through a variety of features, leaving it all on your choice and creativity as to how you want your testimonials displayed on your website.

    The plugin also has an advanced version that can be purchased for $59 for a single site usage.

    2. Testimonial Slider

    Testimonial Slider

    Testimonial Slider is a free, simple but powerful WordPress plugin with positive 4.2-star rating. Testimonial Slider has made adding testimonials to your site as smooth and convenient as writing a simple post.

    The tool requires you to add customer testimonials through a Write Post Screen box, where you can also add images to give it a more appealing look. The testimonials can either be displayed on a separate page or as an automatic slider through a short code.

    Aside from that, the basic version of Testimonial Slider also allows you to modify the speed, display, and frequency of testimonial slides. The Pro versions feature advanced options, such as categories, random start, grid and different grid modes.

    3. Kudobuzz Testimonials Widget

    Kudobuzz Testimonials Widget

    Kudobuzz Testimonials is a handy plugin that allows you to post customer testimonials and positive reviews on your website without any hassle or inconvenience.

    The plugin offers some unique and interesting features that automatically gather positive customer responses and post mentions from multiple social media platforms. The installation process requires you to connect your social media handles to be able to track your mentions, posts, and reviews.

    You can conveniently choose which testimonials are to be displayed on your website and display them using specific short codes.

    4. Testimonial Basics

    Testimonial Basics

    Testimonial Basics is a popular testimonial plugin with a 4.7-star rating and a full-feature support. The plugin allows you to add testimonials using widgets or content forms.

    All testimonials submitted using forms are to be approved by the admin panel before they are displayed on the website.

    Testimonial Basics offers tools, allowing you to customize text and appearance, change colors, and add Gravatars and star ratings on your testimonials.

    5. AB Testimonials Plugin

    AB Testimonials Plugin

    AB Testimonials is a highly responsive testimonial plugin that lets you display plugins through jQuery sliders. The plugin offers two built-in template designs for testimonials.

    You can sort the testimonials into different categories, choose the ones you wish to appear on the slides and also specify the number of testimonials for each slide.

    Since the plugin is by and large template-based, it does not offer any significant personalization for text, color or images.

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