Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Healthcare Websites

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May 29, 2018
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    WordPress is a highly customizable website platform. The platform is highly extensible, allowing you to improve functionality and feature of your website.

    The best thing about WordPress is the availability of multiple plugins that allow you to improve website functionality without having to code a single line.

    But with so many WP plugins available, it becomes very difficult to find the right ones for your niche or business.

    In this spirit, we’ll be discussing plugins useful for various different industries, according to their specific use cases.

    In this article, let’s talk about WordPress plugins for healthcare websites.

    Healthcare websites are platforms where patients can look for more information on their symptoms, join support forums, book appointments, connect with doctors and get diagnosis or consultations.

    Let’s explore the Top 5 Plugins that would let you achieve all of the above and more.


    CometChat is an all in one chat solution that allows healthcare websites and apps to enable communication on their platforms, connecting doctors to patients and helping deliver better services to users. Users can connect with medical personnel to get a medical consultation or join online support groups.

    Text Chat allows patients to connect with doctors.

    CometChat’s various features can be used by patients and doctors for better diagnosis and consultation. Features like text Chat where patients can connect with doctors for prognosis of conditions or for consultation prior to their appointments or in case of emergencies.

    Patients can share reports and records for better consultation.

    Similarly, the file-sharing feature allows files, records, reports, and pictures to be shared. This further allows for a more accurate consultation.

    CometChat can be easily integrated in your healthcare website by downloading the plugin from here. It’s a powerful and essential tool for all Healthcare Websites.

    Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7 is a useful WordPress plugin that lets you easily customize contact forms. The plugin supports Akismet spam filtering, CAPTCHA, and Ajax-powered submission. It also supports advanced privacy protection features.

    Create highly customizable contact forms with Contact Form 7

    The plugin supports filter hooks and mail tags that helps increase customizability of the forms. An acceptance checkbox feature allows you to obtain or specify a condition for acceptance of the form. This condition can be specified in the contact form through a form tag.

    You can use the plugin with another great plugin Flamingo to save submitted messages in a database. For multilingual support, you can use the Bogo plugin created by the same author.


    A great online plugin for healthcare websites is Treato. this plugin allows users to search the website for information about different medications and conditions. The plugin gives anecdotal information to users gathered from other websites.

    A simple search allows users to know more about their medication and their condition.

    When a user enters a keyword in the search box, the plugin crawls the website to analyze website content. The patented semantic technology collects posts from different posts and provides useful information to users.

    With this plugin, users can find information about drug side effects, complications, recommended dosage, and much more.

    Booking Calendar

    Do you want a way to easily accept patient appointments online? Booking Calander plugin for WordPress websites will fit your bill perfectly. The plugin allows users to make an appointment online.

    Set multiple parameters and customize booking slots to create custom booking slots.

    You can set parameters such as space between appointments, approve reservations, and confirm details. The plugin has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily customize the options.

    Manage Appointments and download data using the Plugins console.

    You can search through appointments using a search tool. The information can be exported to CSV, HTML, XML, or plain text file. Appointments can be viewed in the daily, weekly, or monthly layout.


    TrendMD plugin lets you enhance online user experience and at the same time earn some money by displaying links to scholarly content on your site. The recommendation algorithm of the plugin optimizes the placement of links for the right audience.

    Connect users to scholarly articles giving them further information whilst earning some revenue.

    The plugin creates a win-win situation. Readers can find useful information on your site. And you can monetize the content and boost revenues.

    Bottom Line

    Healthcare website owners can make the online user experience more engaging and pleasant by installing the above plugins.

    Chat Plugins are yet another tool that further enhances user experience on Healthcare Websites, giving them a much smoother and fluid experience. Learn more about Chat Integrations on Healthcare Websites.


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