How an Ed-tech Platform, Questt, Increased Engagement by 30% With CometChat

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April 24, 2023

Cosette Cressler

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    "When adding chat to Questt’s platform, we didn't want to reinvent the wheel. We wanted to hand it over to people that have the expertise and on whom we can rely. That's why we decided to go with CometChat." 

    Mohsin M.

    Co-Founder & CTO, Questt


    Questt is an assessment/homework platform that uses the power of AI to understand students' strengths and weaknesses and create personalized, step-by-step study plans to help them succeed. Questt also pairs students with dedicated study coaches who keep them on track and help them prepare for exams with daily tasks, personalized quizzes, practice tests, and more. 

    Fast Facts:

    • Awarded ‘Best App 2022’ on Google Play 
    • Signed up with more than 1300 Schools across the country
    Questt App

    Why Questt Chose CometChat Over WhatsApp To Solve Their Unique Chat Needs

    “WhatsApp is very easy for all users, but it has its cons. We needed better data privacy and more control over content, moderation, and visibility." 

    Mohsin M.

    Co-Founder & CTO, Questt

    Since its launch in 2019, Questt recognized that in-app chat would be essential to the platform's success. In fact, Questt had two strong use cases for in-app chat: one-to-one conversations between coaches and students and open conversations between community members. 

    However, productizing chat in a way that satisfied both use cases while also being scalable and easy to use proved difficult. Questt initially used WhatsApp to allow coaches and students to communicate. But, as their user base grew, they realized that WhatsApp couldn't keep up. 

    Each Questt student sent, on average, 90+ messages per day. And, since WhatsApp doesn't offer any user management (no message repository, no admin dashboard, etc.), the chat quickly became disjointed and chaotic. Plus, WhatsApp has an abysmal data privacy and security record. This means using WhatsApp for Questt chat could quickly become a massive issue for management and HR. 

    At the end of the day, WhatsApp just wasn't scalable. And, since chat is a critical part of Questt's business model, using WhatsApp became a severe barrier to overall company growth. 

    So, Questt decided to productize chat via third-party integration. Enter CometChat.


    "We had a fixed set of requirements. We wanted a quick and easy integration, strong scalability, good support, and the ability to build custom interfaces quickly. CometChat was able to give us all of those things."

    Mohsin M.

    Co-Founder & CTO, Questt

    CometChat's ready-made chat integration solution enabled Questt to ship in-app chat, and satisfy their messaging needs, without overextending the startup's limited resources. 

    CometChat covered both of Questt's use cases. With CometChat, Questt can connect study coaches and students one-on-one so that coaches can not only create personalized task lists but can also modify those tasks on the fly as needed. And they can create various communities for classes and academic groups to facilitate open conversation between members. 

    Moreover, Questt realized that if they timed their chat launch just right, they could reach students as they prepared for their exams. However, they would need to move quickly to reach students in their hour of need (and thus increase customer awareness and consideration). CometChat enabled Questt to productize chat quickly and capitalize on students' amplified need for study help.  


    With CometChat, Questt is able to provide more personalized coaching and study help. Coaches and students can communicate in real-time without ever having to leave the app, which is leading to an upgraded user experience and ultimately better student outcomes.

    By connecting their communities through in-app chat built with CometChat, Questt is also now able to provide an improved community experience. The additional chat moderation and content control capabilities mean that Questt can guarantee a safe space for students to connect while allowing flexibility within the conversations and leaving room for the community to grow. 

    And now that they enable those community conversations on their platform, instead of pushing members to a separate messaging app like WhatsApp, Questt is seeing increased user engagement and improved product awareness. 

    Plus, by using CometChat's easy-to-use chat integration platform to build their in-app messaging, the Questt team was able to greatly reduce their time to market. As a result, they were able to reach students at a crucial time—just before their exams—and boost their top-of-funnel activity.

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