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What's New in CometChat - December 2023

Introducing M87, our AI built for conversation, data insights and moderation, supercharged data insights, and the release of call logs feature within UI kits.

Shrimithran • Dec 21, 2023

As we wrap up 2023, we're back with our final update of the year! It’s always a treat to spotlight the latest enhancements in CometChat, and this month is no exception.

Get ready to dive into exciting new features and significant advancements we've made this December.

Introducing M87

A Leap Forward in AI-Powered Communication

Over the past few months, you've seen us debut several AI features, and we're thrilled to see many of you integrating these innovations into your daily operations. After six vigorous months of thorough testing and iterating with numerous customers, we're excited to pull back the curtain on the next level of CometChat AI.

Meet M87: An exquisite blend of AI and Machine Learning, fine-tuned to optimize the three core capabilities of CometChat - Conversations, Moderation, and Insights. M87 represents a big leap forward in our commitment towards harnessing the power of AI for fluid, intuitive communication. Let us take you on a tour of M87 and explore how it's set to elevate your CometChat experience.

Enhanced Data Insights

Understand user engagement better through conversational data

In our October Early Access Program (EAP), we launched Insights - a feature dedicated to harnessing real-time engagement data for actionable business insights. This month, we're boosting the depth and breadth of Insights by incorporating more expansive data visualizations.

The enhancement remains part of our EAP as we prioritize the ability to adapt and customize insights to match your unique business use cases.

With the integration of CometChat's Insights AI, the scope for data exploration has broadened significantly - any business insight derived from chat engagement is now just a query away.

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Integrating Call Logs

Leverage CometChat's UI Kits

CometChat's UI Kits now support an essential feature - call logs. We understand that providing a simple video calling interface often falls short of the complex needs of today's users who require access to a detailed call history. This need is one that many WebRTC software providers overlook.

Building and integrating a call logs feature independently can be a complex process. It can involve an intricate orchestration of ingesting webhooks, managing individual calls, monitoring participant statuses, tracking call duration, flagging missed calls, and more.

Our latest release simplifies this task. You can now swiftly integrate a comprehensive Call Logs functionality into your app, enhancing the user experience and functionality of your application.

Check out the documentation

Key Enhancements

Noteworthy Modifications to Key Features

We're constantly striving to refine and enhance our core offerings. As part of our latest improvements:

  • Reactions:

    Previously available as an extension, this popular feature is now integrated directly into our latest messaging SDK, making it readily accessible for your app.

  • Webhooks for Mentions:

    Expanding our robust webhook repository, we've added the ability to trigger a webhook for mentions, streamlining notifications and integrations.

  • Group Tagging:

    While group tagging via API has always been an option, we've now extended this feature to include the CometChat dashboard. This allows for the convenient management of groups directly from the user interface.

As we wrap up the year, we want to express our appreciation for your ongoing support and trust in CometChat. We look forward to bringing you further advancements in the coming year. We wish you a productive close to 2023 and a bright start to 2024.


Director of Inbound Marketing , CometChat

Shrimithran is a B2B SaaS marketing leader and leads marketing and GTM efforts for CometChat. Besides SaaS and growth conversations, he finds joy in board games, football and philosophy.

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