NoBrokerHood Enables Community Conversations to Improve Product Adoption

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May 2, 2023

Kushal Khandelwal

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    Company Overview:

    NoBrokerHood, the Neighbourhood Super App, is a Visitor, Society & Accounting Management System that provides a smart community management platform for gated residential communities in India. The app is used by every stakeholder in residential societies — security guards, residents, vendors, and management committee. It makes life more convenient and secure for residents of housing societies and townships. 

    NoBrokerHood helps residential communities manage complaints, amenities, communication, accounting, etc. with a low investment, fast, efficient, and comprehensive system that makes life super convenient and secure.

    Building and engaging a community of technophobes

    After NoBrokerHood launched its community app for residential societies it faced a major challenge in getting society members to use their app. Users were not motivated enough to adopt their product. The team was faced with a challenge to find a hook that would keep users motivated to use the app on a regular basis. The team decided that enabling user-to-user conversations and interactions was the best way to increase product adoption.

    Now, the NoBrokerHood team needed to build chat in their app to keep members of residential communities engaged through interactions between residents, security personnel, managers, and other staff. The team identified topics such as member complaints, issues, events, etc., as most important to get discussions started. 

    Amit Sharma, SVP of Engineering, and the team decided to look for a third-party chat solution that was secure, reliable, and scalable. They evaluated multiple chat API providers before narrowing down on CometChat. 

    Why NoBrokerHood chose CometChat

    CometChat’s readymade communication platform allowed the NoBrokerHood team to build in-app text messaging and voice and video calling that perfectly suited its user base.

    NoBrokerHood Neighbourhood App

    Multi-lingual & Intuitive UI

    A large portion of NoBrokerHood’s user base consists of non-tech-savvy users such as security personnel, old and retired residents, maintenance staff, etc. Hence, an intuitive chat interface that supported translation for local languages was essential to get these users to adopt and engage with in-app chat. With the CometChat UI Kits and message translation, NoBrokerHood’s team found it easy to build chat that its users could use effortlessly.

    Flexible Deployment

    With almost the entirety of NoBrokerHood’s user base being in India, it was essential that all of the app’s tech stack be hosted within the same region including third-party servers. CometChat’s flexible deployment model allowed NoBrokerHood to do that and offer the best of performance and security to its users.

    Scalable Pricing for Chat & Calls

    NoBrokerHood’s go-to-market strategy needed a platform that provided both in-app messaging and voice and video calling at reasonable pricing at scale and CometChat’s all-inclusive and fair pricing offered the NoBrokerHood team the flexibility it needed to scale with a growing user base.

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