Configuring JavaScript SDK for Authentication ft. Adrian Twarog

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May 25, 2022

Swahani Roy

Learn how to perform user authentication in a chat application using the CometChat JavaScript Chat SDK.

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    Security is hard. When we build chat applications, we want to ensure that the application allows only registered users to access the platform. We want to be able to manage multiple accounts, see their online activity, and have a dashboard to streamline incoming data. The initial step to ensuring all these factors is to create a user registration form and this is where user authentication comes into the picture.

    Security isn’t just hard, it’s also hard to implement. What if there’s a solution that could handle this developmental hassle partially for you?

    In this tutorial, Australian designer and developer Adrian Twarog will walk you through how to perform authentication inside of the CometChat JavaScript Chat SDK for the web. By implementing authentication, you’ll be able to apply user login using auth keys and auth tokens along with user logouts. User authentication grants administrative privileges to the admin while giving basic privileges to the users. This tutorial will be useful if you want to get started with CometChat inside a React, Angular, Vue, or even a regular web or chat application.

    By the end of this tutorial, you will have learned how to implement these functions:

    1. Perform Authentication
    2. Create a New User
    3. Create a User Login with Auth Key
    4. Create a User Login with Auth Token
    5. User Logout Function

    Check out the complete video tutorial by Adrian Twarog below:

    If you found this tutorial helpful in getting you up and running with the JavaScript setup for performing user authentication within your application, you can start building your JavaScript chat app for free by creating an account with CometChat (no credit card required!).

    Before proceeding, we recommend that all developers and readers first go through the JavaScript SDK documentation to understand how authentication works.

    Hopefully, this video tutorial will answer most of your questions regarding the CometChat JavaScript SDK authentication.

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