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Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Joomla is kind of a community builder, a tool used for adding a social network aspect to your website. It allows the users on your website to create a profile, connect with others, and create a community. Once integrated, they can even publish their own content and share it with the community. As a website owner you can even import user lists from external sources into Joomla in order to increase you user base.

Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) is in XML style format for creating a tree of information commonly used in operating systems, various programs, and applications. Every node is assigned sets of attributes for computer based environments. OPML is used for putting together a detailed directory of items by category. The sheer amount of practical applications it has is impressive. The reason it is saved as OPML instead of proprietary format is so that any OPML aware software or website can easily process it.

Steps for importing OPML into Joomla

Using OPML alongside Joomla has become a trend, as the integrations and transfer of information is quite easy, and the process of making that happen is even simpler. The steps of importing OPML to Joomla are five, and they are as follows.

1. This step is as simple as it gets prepare the OPML user list you wish to import in your Joomla account and save it in an easily accessible location. Then just log into your Joomla account.

2. In this step navigate through the Joomla dashboard to find “My products and services” tab. In the drop down menu find the “Manage Instance” button and click on it.

3. In the Manage Instance page you’ll find “Product details”; here you will find a button called “Enable uploads”, click it. Joomla dashboard will send you a confirmations email as soon as the upload feature is activated.

4. In step 4 you will now have to return to home of your Joomla dashboard. Navigate through the page and find the Media Manager. Inside this tab you’ll find the option to import an external file.

5. This is the step when it all comes together; on this page you will find an Upload file option, find and click on the browse button. Locate the OPML file you saved in step 1, and select it.

Now press the “open” button to begin loading the files. As soon as the file has been loaded, click the “Start upload” button to begin. Now that the file has been uploaded, you can begin edits on the Outline Processor Makeup Language file on Joomla. Follow the instructions of importing OPML to Joomla to the letter to get it right on the first attempt. It is quite simple when compared with other platforms. The crucial part is ensuring your Joomla platform is functional, and properly integrated with your website. Now that you have uploaded fresh information on to your website, you have all the tools you may need at your disposal with this CMS. Get creative and start generating results with Joomla Community Builder.

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