Exploring Chat Integrations & In-App Messaging: Use Cases 7 Best Practices

Communication within the Apps and Websites is now a rather quintessential part of almost every growing online business. The question that now arises is that how can one effectively enable/execute communication within products and websites to promote growth.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Communication within the Apps and Websites is now a rather quintessential part of almost every growing online business. The question that now arises is that how can one effectively enable/execute communication within products and websites to promote growth.

CometChat was developed with this though specifically in mind. . Communication within the Apps and Websites is now a rather quintessential part of almost every growing online business. The question that now arises is that how can one effectively enable/execute communication within products and websites to promote growth. With our Web, Mobile and SDK solutions CometChat has been providing businesses with Innovative Solutions and Growth for over 8 years.

This article will help you understand how you can implement a Chat Integration within your website or app through use cases and other Innovative examples inspired by our diverse clientele and their implementation of CometChat within the following Industries.

  • E-commerce & Marketplace

  • Healthcare

  • Dating Apps

  • Gaming Communities

  • Business Communication and Collaboration

E-commerce & marketplace

Communcation Between: Buyer & Seller

Marketplace websites today are at the front of buying and selling online, users prefer using these websites to sell products or buy products from the comfort of their homes. These are easy to use and there are a large number of them present allowing users to have options to choose from. This large number of options is the kind of competition an online marketplace website owner has to face. Standing out from the competition and making sure buyers choose you over the competition is how one can stay in the marketplace industry and a Chat Integration has been helping business owners do this rather effectively.

Chat Integrations are communication powerhouses that allow you to add chat to your website and app. They allow users to connect, collaborate and within your app/website. They come with a plethora of features all of which help your users stay engaged and your website to grow.

In a Marketplace setting a simple “Chat with seller” button right beside the product listing allows the user to initiate a one on one chat conversation with the seller. The Chat Integration and its features now allow the buyer to have a better experience and a fluid buying process.

We can further explore these features and how they help the buyer as well as a seller below.

• Faster Transactions

Chatbots are a fascinating feature of Chat Integrations. In a MarketPlace setting these can be used in order to accept payments from within the chatbox.

• Transparent Purchases

File Sharing allows the seller to share multiple pictures of the product over chat, The same feature allows the seller to share invoices and other related documents making sure that the buyer’s purchase stays clear.

• Satisfied/Appeased Customers

Having the above choices whilst making a purchase allows the buyer to have a genuinely positive experience which is exactly what you and your business requires.


Communication between: User and Service Provider & User and User.

Healthcare has always used communication methods to deliver better services to users. Websites and apps where users can connect with medical personnel to get a consultation or online support groups are some examples of how Chat is used.

We further explore this in detail below.

• Communication Platform

A user can land up on the website Login and then get on a chat with the concerned consultee.This allows the user/patient to get consultation on their condition from a doctor either prior to their visit to the doctor or when they are at a remote location where a face to face check-up is not a possibility.

• Better consultation with file sharing

Users can use File Sharing to send their reports and other medical documents across to the consultees/doctor online allowing for precise advises and satisfaction to the user.

• Promote Community Support

Online support communities allow patients or family members of these patients to get together on a platform allowing them to communicate, share and connect with people who understand their situation.

Dating apps

Communication Between : User to User & Multiple users(Group chats)

Dating apps and Chat Integrations are parallel and expecting a Dating app/website to have chat isn’t far-fetched. Monetizing Dating Apps/Websites using Chat Integrations are using Chat Integrations to promote monetization along with user engagement, growth and retention is something a bit more innovative than the usual accumulation of users.

The can be further understood individually below.

• Increasing User Engagement and Retention

Having a Chat platform that ensures more than what the competition gives and stays up to the users needs makes them stay on your website/app more.** Features that keep them hooked to your website are same features that ensure that they return.**

Features like Voice & Video Calling which allows real-time Voice and Video Calls or Real Time Translate which allows users to translate conversations to the language they prefer in real time or Voice Notes where users can share small messages in the form of voice recordings, Push notifications which keep the user posted when they receive a message, be what keeps your user engaged and always on the edge to stay longer and return.

• Monetization

Chat Integrations allow multiple business opportunities with features like Role Based Access Control which allows site/app owners to restrict and grant access of features to a certain set of users and Credit Based Deduction which deducts credits whenever a Chat feature is used.

These can be used to create subscription level tiers within your users and they can be charged for access to premium features on the website giving you the opportunity to monetize and earn via the Chat Integration itself.

Gaming Communities

Communication between: User to User, Group Chats & Admin to user

Gaming Communities are massive on the Internet these days with almost every major game having a Community based website for gamers to connect. A Chat Integration here is the way forward to keep up with the competition and attract users.

Chat Integrations provide so much more with its features in a community setting and that can be understood through the examples below.

• Video & Voice Conference

Users can have Video and Voice Conference with multiple of their group/clan members and discuss strategies, share thoughts and have conversations in real time. This will allow your users to have much more personalized conversation adding to their experience on the website.

• One-on-One and Group Chat

Similar to the above users can have personal or group chats on your website discussing and sharing thoughts about games, players, strategies etc these conversations can also be assisted by Real Time Translate allowing for global conversations.

• Announcements and Bots

Admins can use Announcements to send out text messages to everyone on the chat platform. This can be used to share information regarding new game releases, updates or even push offers and advertisements.

Bots can be used to conduct opinion polls within the chat asking users for their opinions on various topics, giving them topics to discuss and further increasing user engagement.

Business Communication and Collaboration

Communication between: User to User, User to Business & Business to User

Personalized and Customized Business Communication Apps and websites are a rather untapped and unheard marketspace. These are apps or websites which are opted for by businesses who look to have a native communication platform for their company. This involves Employee Business communication, Employee Employee Communication and Business Employee communication.

Some features of CometChat that fit seamlessly into this setting are mentioned below.

• Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools like Collaborative Documents which allows multiple employees/users to work on the same document without leaving the app/website, WhiteBoard which allows users to sketch on a collaborated whiteboard. which is used rather effectively by one our clients to come up with rough blueprints, File sharing which allows users to share documents within the app and finally Voice & Video Conferences which allows for online meetings. All these together allow users to collaborate with other users effectively within the website.

• White-Label Mobile App & Mobile SDK

CometChats apps can be whitelabled with businesses branding and customized to the businesses needs . The Apps can be modified with custom UI to fit to the app with our Mobile SDK or can be added to their website easily with our ready to integrate integrations. All customizations can be made to CometChat to make sure they fit to the company’s needs.

Adding on and Ending with these points..

Chat Integrations as tools of growth and opportunities.

Chat Integrations have grown from being just a tool to add communication to your business to devices of growth which open newer opportunities for existing businesses to digitize and enter the market with better offerings. Chat Integrations offer a rather broad spectrum of opportunities for business owners which may not have been a possibility about a decade ago, scouting these opportunities and expanding on them is the way ahead for growth and success.

User expectations from Chat Integrations are rising.

Expectations of users as to what in-app/website communication can offer to them and how can they use it is rapidly on the rise, business owners need to be prepared for such growth within their offerings to compete and stay above the competition.

We as a company understand this and are working towards delivering you with Chat Integrations that do more than the ordinary and with constant updates and development we promise to deliver.

Team CometChat

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