CometChat now supports language localization

Localization helps in increasing customer base, improving customer satisfaction and allows you to enter global markets rapidly

Harsha Patil • Dec 31, 2020


As you are aware, how localization helps a business in improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer base, and allows you to enter global markets rapidly

Adapting existing products to new markets is crucial for global growth through translation and localization management.

Professional localization helps you reduce the barrier to new potential consumers as localized product suit better and lower cultural barriers to local market conditions. Localization allows more consumers to learn about your products and increases your customer base.

We understand you might be looking out for a chat solution which helps you get into international markets with ease and would help in engaging with your customers better and hence now CometChat is providing support for the most widely spoken languages across the globe through the Chat Widget

Languages, we support for now

* French (Française)

* Hindi (हिंदी)

* Arabic (عربى)

* German(Deutsche)

* Spanish(Española)

* Malay(Bahasa Melayu)

* Portuguese(Português)

* Russian(русский)

* Chinese-Simplified (简体中文)

* Chinese -Traditional(中國傳統的)

Note: We will gradually support most of the languages spoken across the globe.

How to get started with localization?

It is simple, as you might be integrating CometChat in your website or a mobile application. You need to change the setting of the default language in your browser or mobile device. Once done, the CometChat Chat widget will reflect the text according to the chosen language.

You wish to send instructions to the chat widget according to a language selected from your website. Please go through the documentation to use the methods for localization.

Refer to the documentation here

Supports Web, iOS, and Android platforms for Chat Widgets and UI KITs

Localization is available with all CometChat plans

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