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October 10, 2018
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    We at CometChat are thrilled to be featured as one of the “best voice message plugins for WordPress on WPBeginner”.

    We are extremely proud that a platform as enormous as WPBeginner, which can be rightfully said to be the holy grail of all things WordPress, has featured CometChat amongst the 6 best voice message plugins for WordPress.

    WPBeginner has compared some of the best voice chat plugins available in the market and has curated a well-informed article handpicking the top 6 of these plugins.

    Top picks for voice message plugins by WPBeginner

    The article compares all plugins on different levels, including features, integrations, use cases, industries that the respective plugins cater to and how these plugins can help improve user engagement and retention on your WordPress website.

    Here is a small snippet of the article, You can read the article in its entirety here.

    CometChat featured in the top voice chat plugins list by WPBeginner

    We are again thankful to WPBeginner for the feature and grateful to our customers and our extremely skilled team members for helping CometChat grow.

    CometChat is constantly updating and upgrading as a product to ensure that we provide our clientele with not just the best voice message plugin but also the best all-in-one chat solution in the market.

    Although WPBeginner has recognized CometChat as the best voice chat plugin, CometChat boasts a plethora of other features. Here is a sneak peek into some of them.

    • Real-Time Text Chat: CometChat allows users to send and receive text messages in real-time. Allowing users to have one-one and group chat conversation all in real-time.
    • Collaboration: Users can also use CometChat’s collaborative features to share files, share screens, sketch thoughts onto a virtual whiteboard and work on a collaborative document.
    • Monetize: CometChat’s distinct inbuilt monetization features allow website/app owners to easily and effectively monetize and generate extra revenue.
    • Out of the box support and Easy installation: CometChat integrates with over 92+ platforms right out of the box ensuring that the installation takes minimal efforts and almost no developer knowledge.
    • Administration tools: CometChat’s power-packed administration panel gives you all the power to make use of this application the way you want it. With a hoard of options to administer, you take the final call on what you want to provide to your website users.

    You can learn about more of them here.

    Earlier in the year, CometChat was awarded as the “Most groundbreaking chat software” by INC and as a “High Performer in Cloud Communication Platform Software category” by G2 Crowd. Adding to these, WPBeginner feature is only a reflection of CometChat’s continued success and growth.

    CometChat was created to bridge gaps between users and help improve user interaction and user engagement. CometChat has grown from that simple idea to now being a comprehensive chat solution consisting of communicative, collaborative and monetization dedicated features.

    We would like to thank our 50,000+ customers for supporting CometChat and turning us into a huge success.

    We will continue to innovate and ensure that CometChat remains the best chat solution for your business to thrive and grow alongside us.

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