The quickest hack to build a great chat solution is to follow app design trends. So before you hire a designer, check out some of the latest design trends in chat apps.

Chat Messenger Concept by Ramotion
Telegram UI Concept by Cuberto
Chat App for Musicians by Netguru
Group Chat App by Paperpillar

Here are some fun chat user experience (UX) interactions that may inspire you-


Chat Bar Interaction
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Chat popup Interaction
View on Dribbble
chat app Secret language ui ux
What you see is a secure and private chat application. Here we can send and burn, secretly send, and the content of the conversation is absolutely safe and private. In the information age, security...
Chat empty state
Hi there, Another screen presenting chat view. This time empty state when you have no conversations selected. As always, feedback appreciated! --- Don’t forget to press ‘L’ if you like it. Want...
terhie chat interaction
hey 👋 New motion for terhie chat feature. -- Thanks for watching! Let’s connect: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Behance We’re available for new projects! Tell us more at [email protected]
Read All (Thanos Effect)
Hey folks! What about “Thanos Effect” in Messenger? Check my last project on Behance