Celebrating 9 years of success & happiness at CometChat

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August 7, 2018
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    CometChat turns 9 today and we couldn’t be more excited.

    It’s true that we’re just 9 years old but in the SaaS years, we might as well be 99!

    We’ve been here for a long time and know the ups & downs when it comes to engaging users on any website. Trust me, we have been there too. In fact, this is what led to materializing the concept of CometChat!

    From being a floating chat bar to evolving into a complete communication & collaborative chat solution, we sure have come a long way. But it doesn’t end here! As a matter of fact, we have just begun 🙂

    From getting our first coffee maker at the office to bagging our first 1000 paying clients, our journey has been more than beautiful and we have no one else to thank for it except YOU.

    Yes, YOU! It is because of you being in business is fun and exciting.

    That being said, thanks for making CometChat a huge success.

    Here’s a quick preview of our 9 years at CometChat!

    Here’s a gift for you

    Sharing happiness is only possible by spreading it! So we have a gift for you on our birthday.

    In a perfect world, we would’ve taken you out for coffee but since this is the internet age, it’s not quite possible.

    Instead we’d love to offer you our annual plans which are discounted at 20% of their original pricing tier.

    Sign up for CometChat annual plans and pay only 80% price of the discounted plan for LIFETIME!

    Want to know how much you can save with this offer? Let’s have a quick overview:

    Talking about our Growth plan, which is originally priced at $199/month, billing yearly at $2388!

    Including the 20% Annual discounts, growth plan can be availed at $165/month, having to pay a yearly price of just $1980!

    From $2388 to only $1980 – that’s $408 saving! That’s huuuge!

    Get CometChat

    Hope you have a great experience with CometChat as we have had to work with you 🙂

    To this year and many more to come.

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