Case Study: Hologram Identification Services

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March 9, 2016
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    Hologram Identification Services (HIDS) is a company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, specializing in recruitment and biometric identification, biometric detection of multiple registrations, securing of documents and branded products, implementation of business networks and web design oriented software.

    Intranet chat solution

    The HIDS team was in search for an ideal solution to their inter-organization communications needs. High Internet costs in Congo & multi-platform functionality were primary concerns, which led to the requirement of an integrated, customizable, scalable & multi-platform communications tool that would work without the Internet. So, the HIDS team flew down to the CometChat office in Mumbai to find the ideal solution to their inter-organization communications needs. - - - - - -

    What led you guys to CometChat?

    Intranet chat solution

    We created a complete Intranet based in-house chat system independent of an Internet connection and also assisted the client in setting up their own WebRTC server, which was essential for Audio/Video call features, a core requirement for them. All the requirements of the HIDS team were effectively fulfilled by CometChat Platinum Edition along with its Mobile Native App, with a wide range of features and functionalities that readily integrated with their website. - - - - - -

    How has CometChat improved your business?

    “90% of the Congolese people use IM services to connect despite high Internet costs. CometChat offers all the modern IM services & functionalities without any such costs and enables us to deploy the solution on a local network, imagine the infinite possibilities.”- - - - - -

    Intranet chat solution

    Our chat solution helped in connecting HIDS’ customers without heavy internet costs and offered all modern IM services & functionalities. Fulfilling the key requirements of the client:

    1. Internet-free communication
    2. Audio/Video call features
    3. Multi-platform functionality

    The client is currently missing out on extra features such as Real-Time Translate, Transliterate & Page Translate due to limitations of our intranet chat solution, CometChat could help the client scale up by enabling these features if the client’s website is made accessible over the Internet. - - - - - -

    How was your experience working closely with the CometChat team?

    “We simply felt inspired, the team solved many of our doubts & issues. We were also made aware of the latest technology & future challenges, preparing us to not only meet but also excel all of our customers’ expectations.”- - - - - -

    The project was largely successful due to the mutual understanding, patience & cooperation between the two teams which helped in breaking through the language barrier in order to create something spectacular, a seamless communications solution without the need of an Internet connection. Special thanks to Mr.Emile Bola, the CEO & Mr.Hervé, the Developer who were incredibly humble & highly skilled individuals and enabled us to work better in their intranet environment. We look forward to more future collaborations with the HIDS team.

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