Building a WordPress Chat Room With CometChat In Under 5 Minutes

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September 19, 2018
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    There’s hardly a doubt about this… WordPress is the most popular CMS in the market! And why wouldn’t it be? It’s free, open-source and extremely beginner-friendly! Additionally, WordPress exposes its users to customization with a vast number of themes and plugins, making websites dynamic with minimal effort.

    And yes, it’s got you covered on the SEO base too! Statistically speaking, WordPress is used by approximately 75 million websites. In fact, it powers over 29% of the whole web!

    For all websites, including those using WordPress, user interaction is vital. The resulting user engagement contributes to monetization opportunities, through the building of a dedicated community. And the one tool that enables this collaboration between users, is a WordPress chat room!

    CometChat’s private chat plugin for WordPress has already created a lot of buzz in the market! Let’s take a look, shall we?

    Introducing CometChat — User Engagement, Simplified!

    CometChat is a next generation, robust, standalone solution that allows a website/app host to create and manage chat application. The chat plugin easily integrates with WordPress websites and will keep the hosts’ community engaged allowing them to communicate and collaborate.

    Here are the features that make CometChat a must-have application on your WordPress site!

    1. Real-time Text Messaging:

    Users on the website can use this WordPress real-time chat to text each other on the fly, with state-of-the-art UI and UX! This is especially useful in environments where people need to be quick, and ones that need continuous interaction.

    2. One-on-One Chat:

    This allows users to have private conversations. This is useful for users who may not be comfortable asking a question on a forum, or need more personalized advice.

    3. Group Chat:

    The group chat feature lets users create a buzz and gather into a single place using groups. It gives users the option to leave or join a chat anytime they want!

    They can create public, password protected and invitation-only groups.

    4. Voice & Video Calling & Conference:

    Users can voice call, switch to video call and even make a conference call amongst themselves!

    5. File Sharing:

    Users can share files, and images, without any glitches.

    Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Get down to installing it, already!

    Install CometChat On WordPress… And Get Started!

    Installing CometChat on your WordPress site is as easy as using it! We’ve broken the process down into simple steps!

    - **Step 1:**[Download the CometChat WordPress plugin zip file.]( **Step 2:** Login to your WordPress Admin Panel and go to Plugins > Add new.- **Step 3:** Click on the Upload Plugin to display the WordPress Plugin upload field.- **Step 4:** Select the CometChat Plugin zip file and click on install now.- **Step 5:** Once the plugin is successfully installed, click on Activate Plugin.- **Step 6:** Click on the CometChat tab on the left-hand side navigation menu.- **Step 7:** Enter your License Key and click on the Install button to activate CometChat.

    Why Installing CometChat On WordPress Is The Best Decision You’ve Made!

    CometChat comes with a full-fledged bundle of features that’s got you covered on all aspects that a WordPress chat between users plugin should offer… and a whole lot more!

    1. Conversations Get Simpler… And Richer

    With its intuitive chat design, unlimited chat conversations and availability in 9 languages, CometChat is the very definition of user-friendliness — a feature echoed by WordPress!

    2. A Hoard Of Incredible Features

    CometChat’s got you covered, on every aspect of a chat application! Here are some amazing features, in addition to the main ones mentioned earlier.

    • Voice & Video Broadcasting: This feature allows users to attract the audiences by broadcasting voice/video. It helps in enhanced user engagement!
    • Voice Notes: Users can send audio snippets and can have more personalized conversations with the help of this feature!
    • Stickers & Emojis: A vibrant and styled set of emojis help make conversations far more interesting!
    • Screen Sharing: Screen sharing lets website users enjoy the perks of sharing screens smoothly!
    • Collaborative Whiteboard: This collaboration tool helps users paint their ideas on a virtual whiteboard, without having to leave the website. Makes communication more reliable than ever!
    • Collaborative Document: While the Whiteboard allows users to add art to their conversations, they can also edit documents, save revisions and export files using the plugin.
    • Broadcast Message: The feature allows to send a particular text message to all or a selected users group with a single send click.
    • Block Users: Allows users to stop establishing contact by blocking.
    • Real-time Language Translation: Real-time Language Translation translates live chats so that users from all over the globe can interact without a glitch!
    • Write In Local Language: This allows users to write in their preferred local languages – CometChat supports around 20 local languages.
    • Available In 9 Languages: The admin can choose to change the UI of the entire CometChat into a language of their preference!

    3. Moderating Conversations Has Never Been Easier

    CometChat offers the facility to assign moderators to the groups, ban specific users, add a list of words you’d like to mask during conversations and report a conversation for further analysis and action!

    4. Compatible With Multiple Platforms

    Along with websites, CometChat offers a web solution for white-label mobile and desktop apps, Android and iOS SDK, Ionic and phone plugins and a Xamarin component!

    5. Offers Smooth, Glitch-Free Integration

    CometChat integrates easily with 92+ integrations! It allows customization as per site structure, automatic logins, auto-synchronization of users, usage of avatars, and instant access to user profiles!

    6. Owners Get Complete Backend Admin Control

    CometChat can be customized and fine-tuned as per the owner’s preferences! CometChat offers detailed, visual information on how much it is being utilized, user behavior and the like.

    7. The Monetization Opportunities Are Endless

    CometChat further helps hosts to monetize and generate revenue from their website/app by providing a unique set of features.

    With Role-Based Access Control and Credit-Based Billing, the owner can restrict and grant access to features. Additionally, it allows them to distinguish between premium and free members. One can always choose to offer greater functionality to the premium users over the free ones!

    In-App advertising allows you to add custom advertisements to chat boxes and make money while the users chat! You can use the chat to send announcements, for promotions, for site news and more – all in real time!

    What’s more… you can add a whole new language to CometChat too!

    Phew! That pretty much covers everything you need… doesn’t it?

    Why Build A Chat From Scratch… When You Have CometChat?

    Let’s face it… Building a chat application from scratch can be cumbersome! Imagine having to go through the entire software development life cycle, hiring an army of developers, the iterations, the fuss around adding a new feature… and the loss of time!

    On the contrary, CometChat is easy to install, and can be customized to suit your needs! You save time, money… and given those incredible features, you don’t even compromise on the user engagement!

    It’s simple, really… Install CometChat, engage your user and let those counters go cha-ching!

    Ready to build your own WordPress chat room? Explore our WordPress user chat plugin.

    WordPress User Chat Integration

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