March 23, 2022

Applozic Is Shutting Down

Karen Kelty

Applozic Is Shutting Down

Applozic announced this week that they’ll be sunsetting their product offering in April. We understand this news is disappointing to their customers, and the tight timeframe will pose a unique challenge. The CometChat team is here to help ease the transition.

How CometChat can help

  • Three months FREE, plus price matching. We will offer three months free to Applozic customers who migrate, and will also honor Applozic pricing for 1 full year.
  • Migration support. Our team is ready to migrate their account data over to our system on behalf of the customer.
  • Implementation support. Our team is on standby to help! Our product team has created a detailed step-by-step migration tutorial and other support documentation along with access to our support team to ensure Applozic customers are able to get CometChat integrated efficiently.

How CometChat compares to Applozic

You’ll be pleased to find CometChat offers all of Applozic’s core features – and many more. 

CometChat vs. Applozic - Text Chat
CometChat vs. Applozic - Voice & Video Calling
CometChat vs. Applozic - Integrations & APIs
CometChat vs. Applozic - Security
CometChat vs. Applozic - Support

We’re solely focused on chat, voice and video, and are obsessed with making ours the best offering out there. We know migrating is a hassle, and can assure you CometChat is a well funded scaling business well positioned to innovate and deliver service well into the future. 

Ready to make the switch?

Great! First, check out our detailed Applozic to CometChat Migration Guide.

Need more help? No problem! Our sales and support teams are on standby to answer your questions right away. 

Get in touch with CometChat sales.

Get in touch with CometChat support.

Don’t delay! Applozic will be completely shutting down its services next month, so start your migration over to CometChat today to ensure your customers’ chat experience is not disrupted.

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