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August 16, 2016
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    **For over 7 years we’ve worked really hard to offer an all-encompassing chat solution for sites and apps.**Our solution powers thousands of companies around the world, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. We now integrate with over 90+ platforms for both- web & mobile. Adding chat to your site or app has never been easier using our seamless integrations!

    CometChat started off as a simple floating chat bar for vBulletin way back in 2009. We were a team of 2 and have now grown to a 100+ team. Over time, our web chat solution has evolved to include multiple docked themes and an embedded theme as well (our Synergy Theme) for customers who prefer to have chat on a single page. We truly pride ourselves on the fact that you can add CometChat to mobile apps in a matter of few minutes (using our Ready UI)! We support all the popular app development platforms- native iOS/Android, PhoneGap, Cordova, Ionic and even Xamarin! And it goes without saying that we have cross-platform compatibility across web, mobile and desktop.

    Our CometService platform processes over 100 million messages every month with over 75 million active users!

    Our dream is to make CometChat the one-stop solution for all your chat and messaging needs. We’re working on bringing about some big changes in the coming months to truly achieve this dream.

    To start off, I’d like to unveil our new branding!

    CometChat New Branding

    Here is what you can expect in the coming months…

    Product· New Modern Chat Design (based on our free Chat UI Kit)

    · State-of-the-art UX

    · Consistent Cross-Platform Experience

    · One-Click Install and Upgrade

    · Minimal Configuration & Just-Works Packaging!

    · Custom Sound To Truly Immerse Your Users

    · New CometChat Branding (✔)

    Company· Opening Our New York Office!

    · Stronger Customer Service Team

    Our team has been working tirelessly to launch new updates for CometChat. We are investing considerably in re-hauling our customer service team to provide a better and more efficient experience. As you may have already noticed, earlier this year we added phone support. In the near future, we will be adding support members in USA to provide round-the-clock support.

    Talking about NY, brings me to the topic at hand.

    If you’re in and around New York City, I’d love to meet you.
    The tentative date for the meetup is September 7th (in Midtown Manhattan). Join the CometChat NYC Meetup Or Let me know where you live so that I can get in touch with you when we are in your country. I look forward to meeting you soon!


    Anant Garg


    CometChat Team

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