5 great tools to build a successful online community

Building a successful online community is no mean feat. Creating a platform and then attracting like-minded people can be an arduous task.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Building a successful online community is no mean feat. Creating a platform and then attracting like-minded people can be an arduous task. Thanks to rapid growth and progress of industry, we are provided with different means to develop a community on the web today. In this blog, we will discuss 5 great and basic tools to build a successful online community.

WordPress: A Simple Solution to Get a Web page

The most basic component of any online community infrastructure is a web page. For any new online community, WordPress is considered to be the best option for a web page. Many people think of WordPress as a blogging platform only, but that is not the case. One can easily create standard web pages using WordPress where content can easily be added. You can create sidebars, menus and navigation tools like you can do with any advance web developing option. Apart from facilitating a user-friendly interface, there is a wide range of plugins you can use to customize your web page according to the needs of your online community. Know More

Disqus: For Better Complementation of Content & Comments

You can’t build a successful online community by only providing your web page with quality content. Engaging users in discussions over your content is an essential step towards community building. Even though there are default comment sections that come with CMS of many web pages, but making these more interesting, interactive and engaging can be a definitive step towards making a successful online community. Disqus makes threaded conversations and comments skimmable. It also integrates up/down voting options on comments, along with full moderation tools, to administer conversations and discussions. Know More

Discourse: For Dynamic Management of Discussion Threads

With your online community expanding, the content and comments on your website will transform into long threads and discussions related to the shared interests of the community. You may have witnessed that many online communities grow and add more members within their ambit only thorough discussion threads. For instance, Reddit, a popular news aggregation and discussion website, thrives mainly on its discussions rather than on actual content. Therefore managing discussion threads is of great importance and Discourse is a great tool to achieve this. Instead of breaking conversations into pages, it allows you to follow the same conversation with a simple scroll down. It has an active notification system for users who have engaged in any discussion thread. There are many other features of Discourse that will certainly expand an online community by providing users with the best interface of a discussion platform. Know More

Trello: Managing Collaboration within the Community

With an online community structure growing, you might need a project management tool for smooth running of your operations. Trello, primarily project management software, can help you organize and manage collaboration within the community. It can simultaneously be reached by multiple users who can then coordinate with each other for better management of the content on the community website. Know More

Buffer: Automated Management of Social Media

Obviously, integrating social media with your online community is a necessary step, and you can do it easily with the help of Buffer. This tool will help you post your content on social media with preset schedules so that you don’t need to worry about managing everything all the time. Know More

Using these tools will most definitely help you build a successful online community.

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