5 Essential WooCommerce Plugins for OEM

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May 18, 2016
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    Hyper scalability was something that Steve Jobs predicted way back in 1996, and today, we are realizing the true definition of the word. There was a time when original equipment manufacturers could only sell their products directly if they had the resources to do so. That is not the case anymore. CMS has certainly changed the way we think of scalability and how it helps in eliminating costly tasks and department altogether. With the growing influence of e-commerce, OEMs, regardless of the size, can now offer products directly on their website. If you have a WordPress website, then you can leverage on these 5 WooCommerce plugins for success.

    1. WooCommerce New Product Badge You can now add ‘new’ badges to products on your WooCommerce site along with the day it was uploaded. This light and simple plugin, lets you introduce your new products to customers in a catalog form. For an OEM, this is an essential plugin, especially if you release new products on a regular basis.
      Download Link:https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-new-product-badge
    2. CBX WooCommerce Sales Report for WordPress This flexible and lightweight plugin lets you check the daily sales count, the number of product items sold and in inventory, and the total income generated from sales in a given period of time, all in one place. In other words, you no longer have to rely on the rather redundant built-in sales feature on WooCommerce.
      Download Link:https://wordpress.org/plugins/cbwooplainsalesstat/
    3. Ninja Forms WooCommerce Order Field Ninja Forms WooCommerce Order Field is a plugin that lets you add dropdown forms for users who are logged into your site. It allows the admin to create support forms, customized forms for placing orders, and much more. The dropdown field template is elegant and user-friendly, making it a much-needed addition to your OEM e-commerce site.
      Download Link:https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-order-field-for-ninja-forms/
    4. WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap Sometimes, a small gesture for your customers can be the make or break difference, especially if you are an OEM that makes products that can be sent as gifts. With this plugin, you get to add the gift wrap option for your products with or without optional prices. So when a user adds the gift wrap, it is shown in the cart as well as the order, giving them a clear idea of the total cost.
      Download Link:https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-product-gift-wrap/
    5. CometChat For a full-fledged e-commerce experience, you need to have chat support too, right? This is where CometChat comes in as a comprehensive chat plugin for your WooCommerce site. It lets users engage in text, audio, and video chat and allows the admin to monitor the app centrally from the dashboard. What’s more, it also comes with multi-language support, allowing you to engage with customers in different parts of the world with more personalization.
      Download Link:cometchat.com

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