5 Best WordPress E-commerce Plugins for a Successful Black Friday 2017 Sale

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November 23, 2017
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    Black Friday is just around the corner. To stay true to the spirit of holiday shopping season, we have reviewed five best WordPress e-commerce plugins for Black Friday 2017. From SEO to Email lists, the plugins mentioned here serve different purposes making them a must-have for any e-commerce site owner.


    Using Gumroad is recommended if you sell a few products through your WordPress blogsite. The plugin is great for selling both digital and physical products. You can integrate the plugin with your YouTube and Facebook site. Also, the plugin can also be integrated with your email newsletter.

    With this WordPress plugin, you can gain access to powerful analytics data. You can find out what’s working and what could be made better. You can give customers discount codes and generate license code for the software. Also, you can sell different formats of eBooks. Pricing of the plugin starts at $10 per month that includes unlimited bandwidth. Know More


    Ecwid is another great WordPress plugin that you can buy this Black Friday 2017. The plugin allows you to grow and manage any type of online store. It features a simple checkout that can guide the customer through the process. A progress bar at the bottom of the checkout page indicates how close the customer is to completion.

    The best thing about this e-commerce plugin is that there are no transaction or setup charges. The basic version is completely free that allows you to sell up to 10 products. Price of the advanced version ranges from $15 to $99 per month. Know More

    Easy Digital Downloads

    The name of this plugin is self-explanatory. It allows you to sell digital products including eBooks, music, photos, and others directly from your website. The plugin features full shopping cart with a clean design. You can also create discount codes to promote your digital products.

    The plugin allows you to monitor the activity about the date, time and IP address of the downloaded digital files. Similar to Ecwid, the basic version is free, while the cost of the advanced version ranges from $108 to $899. Know More


    SumoMe is a star when it comes to email list building. The WordPress plugin allows you to create appealing pop-ups that can appear on timers, clicks, or before people leave the site. Apart from WordPress, the plugin also works on non-WordPress and HTML sites.

    The basic version of SumoMe is free and features 500 subscribers and basic email integration. The cost of the advanced version ranges from $29 to $199 per month and supports additional features such as unlimited subscribers, pro-visitor targeting, pre-built templates, live chat, content analysis, discount codes and more. Know More


    No site can thrive in the overcrowded cyberworld without search engine optimization (SEO). And one of the best plugins that you can buy to optimize your site for search engine ranking is SEO Pressor. This plugin boasts of a host of optimization and customization features.

    Using the SEO plugin, you can perform keyword analysis, semantic density analysis, and optimize the site for mobile. It also allows you to monitor the SEO health of your website. Pricing of the plugin starts at just $9 per month.

    The above are the five best WordPress plugins for any e-commerce site. What other plugins do you think we should have included in the list of best e-commerce plugins for Black Friday 2017? Let us know by commenting below. Know More

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