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CometChat Pro enables developers to create 100% customized chat applications. Use our sample apps & build what you imagine.

CometChat Go enables product managers to add chat with pre-built UI to websites within a few minutes. Use our ready-to-use chat plugin.

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CometChat Go

Designed for product managers. Ready-to-use plugin to add chat to websites.

  • Go live in a few minutes
  • Pre-built UI (limited customization)
  • No developer required

CometChat Pro

Designed for developers. Use our sample apps to build custom chat apps.

  • Go live in a few hours
  • Open source UIs (100% customizable)
  • Developer required

How can CometChat help your product?

Chat solutions for social community

  • Group Chat: Increase user engagement by connecting like-minded people in the community.
  • Emojis & Stickers: Make interaction fun and engaging with emojis, stickers, file sharing and more.
  • Push Notifications: Keep your users hooked by sending announcements and alerts.
  • Chat Moderation: Create a safe space for your community with chat moderation.

Chat solutions for dating

  • Voice & Video Chat: Add an extra level of intimacy to user conversations through video chat.
  • File Sharing: Make user conversations fun and interactive by allowing them to share images, videos, files and more.
  • Voice Notes: Spice up conversations between the users by letting them share voice notes with each other.
  • Advertisements: Generate additional revenue by monetizing user chats through custom ads.

Chat solutions for healthcare

  • Voice & Video Chat: Enable voice and video consultation between patients and doctors to provide medical care over long distance.
  • Group Chat: Create doctor-patient focus groups and chat rooms to discuss health concerns, lifestyle changes, medications and more.
  • File Sharing: Avoid the hassle of managing physical documents by allowing the patients & healthcare consultants to share medical reports and prescriptions in real time.

Chat solutions for marketplace

  • Text Chat: Connect Buyers and Sellers in real-time to clarify their doubts and queries related to the purchase or service.
  • Voice & Video Calls: Enable Voice & video calls for better transaction assistance.
  • File Sharing: Build trust and convenience in the marketplace between buyers and sellers by allowing them to share images, videos, files and more before finalizing the purchase.
  • Push Notifications: Notify sellers every time there is a potential buyer or business opportunity.

Chat solutions for e-learning

  • Voice & Video Conference: Add Video & voice conferencing to beat the physical barrier in learning.
  • Group Chat: Enable students to collaborate in groups to work together & solve subject related queries for a better learning experience.
  • File Sharing: Make subject matter easily available to all students and teachers by allowing them to share content in the form of files, documents, images, etc.
  • Real-time translation: Diminish the barriers of language and distance by connecting students and teachers across the globe with real-time translation.

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