Product Update: Now Tracking MAU, DAU, HAU & CCU

Discover the latest analytics now available on your CometChat dashboard.

Harsha Patil • Mar 5, 2021

This week, we are happy to announce to present analytics on dashboard to track the monthly, daily, hourly active users & concurrent users using the CometChat text chat in your website or mobile applications.


Chat is an excellent communication medium for companies to manage real-time interactions and increase customer engagement. Using a CometChat text chat solution, you would want to know how the engagement is happening among your users on integrating the product.

You may be a gaming, event-organizer company, a startup, or some other business with a large amount of user engagement. These metrics are true lifesavers when it comes to understanding product use, backend server load, reliability, and engagement.

We've covered four key performance indicators for you: MAU, DAU, HAU, and CCU, which you'll understand as you read along and which will answer your questions about the metrics. Analytics will be available on dashboard for each app once your have upgraded SDK version to 2.2.0 and above.

What is MAU?


Reference for monthly active users using an app

MAU stands for the monthly active user, it’s the number of users that have done a meaningful activity using a product in the last 30 days during the calendar month

For many companies, MAU (Monthly Active Users) is a primary performance indicator (KPI). This metric indicates active users who are active with your product. The metric helps you with the level of interest in a product or service along with growth rate and potential.

If any user is logged into CometChat, they will be considered as a monthly active user. They might not be chatting, but they are still listening to new messages

What is DAU?


Reference for daily active users using an app

DAU, or daily active users, is a similar metric that is typically tracked in comparison with MAU. The number of unique active users on a given day is referred to as DAU. DAU could be a better measure of product/service efficiency than MAU in identifying super users. We show data for all the days of the current month.

What is HAU?


Reference for hourly active users using an app

HAU, or hourly active users, is a metric that is typically tracked in comparison with DAU. The number of unique active users during each hour of a day is referred to as HAU. For now, we show the hourly active users for the past 12 hours of a day.

What is CCU?


Reference for Concurrent Users using an app

Concurrent users are the number of simultaneously active users logged in to a session at a given time. This is the metric that matters for user load.

When the users are logged into CometChat at the same time, they are considered concurrent. For now, we show information on CCU for the past 60 mins.

Although DAU, MAU, and HAU are all important metrics to consider when it comes to server reliability and the backend's ability to manage heavy traffic when user interaction spikes, CCU is by far the most important. And knowing the average isn't enough when it comes to CCU. What matters much more is the peak CCU or the maximum number of users that will be able to use the product.

We are coming up with an improvised analytics version with a provision to select a custom date filter to track the active and concurrent users and also analytics for voice & video calling in the upcoming weeks.

Watch this space for CometChat product updates on Analytics.

Support for analytics

You need to upgrade to the SDK version 2.2.0 and above for the analytics to show up in the dashboard. If you're using any UI Kit, it needs to use the SDK version 2.2.0 and above.

Our latest UI Kit and SDK versions are updated. Please use them to upgrade to the latest version.

Feature availability

Please note, Analytics graphs are available only for plans Moon and above.

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