August 22, 2022

CometChat + Daily Team Up to Bring You a World-Class Communications Experience

Karen Kelty

CometChat + Daily Team Up to Bring You a World-Class Communications Experience

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Daily, the leading video and audio API for large-scale use cases like telehealth, ed-tech, live events and more. By partnering together, both Daily and CometChat users will be able to build a world-class communications experience with rich in-app chat and calling in minutes.

What This Means for You

Of course, CometChat offers a robust voice and video solution. The Daily partnership will best serve those customers who hold very large events, broadcast to hundreds of users, require a specialist video solution, or have already integrated Daily into their stack. With a high degree of flexibility and performance no matter the use case, and easy-to-use templates, combining these two awesome products will be remarkably simple.

“By teaming up with Daily, we’re so pleased to offer developers a best-of-breed, fully featured, and remarkably scalable option for both in-app chat and voice/video calling. There are some use cases which push the absolute boundaries of what in-app engagement looks like, and through this partnership, we are proud and excited to continue to support and power such ambitious entrepreneurs.” – Anuj Garg, CometChat CEO.

CometChat Highlights

  • Comprehensive extension library: Allows you to quickly create a robust, modern chat experience and integrate with your existing technology stack. 
  • Developer skillset agnostic: From no-code chat widget to UI kits, to SDKs and APIs, developers of any skill level (even non-coders) can build and launch a custom chat solution.
  • Designed to scale with you: While CometChat serves enterprise customers well and has for years, we've been intentional about building a business to also serve young organizations entering a growth phase.
  • Built-in tools for event moderation: In addition to 30+ other extensions, we've invested heavily in building tools to make event moderation easy, including in-flight moderation, profanity filters, sentiment analysis, slow mode and more.

Daily Highlights 

  • With two lines of code, teams can embed a fully featured video chat solution in minutes though Daily Prebuilt.
  • Flexible APIs allow you to build for the broadest use cases, including breakout rooms, spatial audio, and added control for real-time video, live streaming, and recording.
  • The only video API that can support 300 active participants in a WebRTC real-time call, all cams and mics on. Support 15,000 person calls with interactive live streaming. You also can create traditional live streams of your calls to reach millions.
  • Experience superior call quality through unique features like smooth peer-to-peer/cloud switching and access advanced analytics and detailed prebuilt quality visualizations.

At CometChat, we’re committed to offering you a best-of-breed solution to better serve customers with unique use cases. 

In-app chat and voice and video calling are specialist disciplines. With this partnership, CometChat and Daily customers won’t have to sacrifice the highest quality chat or audio/video conferencing.

We focus on our core chat product and build integrations and partnerships when it best serves our customers. Daily, likewise, is committed to helping their customers realize their product vision in the fastest and most efficient way possible. So it was a no-brainer to pair our solutions to offer developers the most seamless and scalable real-time communications experience available. 

“Daily's mission is to provide developers with the highest levels of flexibility when building live communications experiences and support the broadest set of use cases. We know rich chat plays a crucial role in supporting interactive call experiences of all types, and this is why our partnership with CometChat is so exciting." - Kwindla Hultman Kramer, Daily CEO

Get in touch with a sales rep today to learn more, and in the meantime, check out this demo to see how Daily users are able to integrate CometChat’s advanced chat functionality within minutes. 

About CometChat

CometChat allows developers to quickly integrate in-app text messaging in to any mobile and web-based apps. Our platform provides user-to-user messaging to help your users connect with each other — marketplace sellers and buyers, healthcare providers and patients, taxi drivers and riders, students and teachers, and much more.

Our Chat SDKs, APIs, and UI Kits are quick to launch, incredibly secure, highly scalable, and well documented. Our robust extension library helps you integrate easily with other services and provides a configurable, feature-rich messaging experience for your users.

We’re trusted by more than 50,000 developers worldwide and serve start-up and enterprise customers in telehealth, ed-tech, marketplaces, on-demand services, virtual events, dating apps, and other industries.

About Daily

Daily is the most flexible way to add live video and voice to any product experience or application. Developers can add 15,000-person calls to any site or app in minutes with Daily Prebuilt, which includes a customizable call interface and prebuilt features like chat, recording, and more. Or create custom layouts with our easy-to-use APIs, which provide maximum control over the call experience. We offer transparent pricing, HIPAA compliance, world-class docs and support, and enterprise-ready global infrastructure.

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