Social Community

Real Time Chat Plugin for your Social Community Platform

Enhance social community experience on your website and app with real-time messaging powered by CometChat’s easy to use Chat API, SDK or plugin.

Take your website and app’s interactivity and engagement up a notch by using features like video chat, voice chat, voice notes and so much more. Taking less than 10 minutes to set up, CometChat surely builds a fantastic user experience.

How In-App Messaging helps Social Community Platform

Connect User to User

Enable real time voice, video & text chat and bring your community closer by connecting users with each other.

Interpersonal Connections

Real-time chat nurture interpersonal connections leading to better community retention.

Monetize your Social Community User Base

Role Based Access Control

Restrict and grant access of features, provide more functionality to your premium members than your free members.

Credit Deduction

Monetize your website and apps by deducting credits from user’s account when they use special features like audio calling & conference, voice & video calling and conference.

Custom Advertisement

Generate additional revenue on your website and apps by adding custom advertisements to the chat windows whenever you like.

In-App Messaging on your Social Community Websites & Apps

Ready to use Chat API

Add the superpower of chat with CometChat’s powerful APIs to your Social Community website/apps. It barely takes 10 minutes to have CometChat up and running.

Mobile SDK with Ready UI

Ready to integrate SDK with complete source code for UI. Developers can easily build on top of our existing UI and expand on CometChat’s functionality.

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