Online education

Empower digital classrooms with real-time chat

Enhance the digital classroom experience, promote collaboration, and drive academic success with integrated chat.

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Key features

Why CometChat for online education platforms

Interactive classrooms

Engage students with real-time chat and feedback tools.

Secure data sharing

Allow students and teachers to safely share course materials, grades, and feedback.


Use timely notifications to remind students of upcoming study sessions, webinars, or deadlines.

Scalable for large classes

Seamlessly accommodate large online classes and school-wide assemblies.


Broadcast lectures & webinars

Enable powerful remote learning experiences by streaming live classes, lectures, and webinars, empowering you to engage audiences large and small, effectively.

Collaborative tools

Foster quality interactions in the room

Empower students and teachers with collaborative features such as whiteboards, shared documents, polls, and more.

Interactive Demo

Experience messaging built on CometChat

Give our sample messaging app a spin. This interactive demo app is built with our latest UI Kits for you to experience all the UI elements and functionalities of CometChat.

Our platform

Everything you need to build an interactive educational app, baked into one powerful solution.

Messaging & Chat

Flexible, secure, and easy-to-manage messaging for your online education app.

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Voice & Video Calling

Enterprise-grade security, robust infrastructure, and a familiar UI as your chat.

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Make online education as interactive as the traditional classroom

With features and extensions you need to create a safe and secure experience your users will love.

1 to 1 chat

Group chat

Voice & video calling

Secure file transfer

Chat search & history


Transforming Global Education: GradRight's Journey with CometChat

“With CometChat, there are so many interesting things that we can do. And I could see that CometChat can scale up for us in terms of both in terms of functionality and the number of users.” - Mahesh Kumar J CTO

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Try out CometChat in action

Experience CometChat's messaging with this interactive demo built with CometChat's UI kits and SDKs.